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    State Senator Charles J. Fuschillo, Jr. (R-Merrick) announced that the New York State Senate recently passed a legislative resolution he sponsored honoring Wantagh resident Anthony Anesta for attaining the rank of Eagle Scout.

    “After working hard for many years dedicating hours and hours to serving the community, Anthony achieved a goal that only a select few ever attain; the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout. I congratulate him on earning this honor and am pleased that his accomplishment was recognized by the New York State Senate,” said Senator Fuschillo.

    Anthony, a member of Troop 656, attained the rank of Eagle Scout after many years of hard work and completing an Eagle Scout project. For his project, Anthony organized a project to help deter the overpopulation of Canadian Geese which were damaging the Wantagh School District’s athletic fields. Anthony raised funds to construct 36 “scarecrow” shadow dogs to place throughout the fields. As a result of Anthony’s efforts, the school district has seen a dramatic decrease in the number of geese that migrate to the fields.

    With the Senate passage of the legislative resolution, Anthony’s name and achievement will forever be part of the New York State Senate’s official record. 



    Senate Resolution No. 60

    BY: Senator FUSCHILLO

            CONGRATULATING Anthony T. Anesta upon the occasion
            of  receiving the distinguished rank of Eagle Scout,
            the most prestigious of Scouting honors, on  January
            16, 2011

      WHEREAS,  Anthony  T.  Anesta,  through  his  diligence and rigorous
    efforts, has achieved Scouting's  highest  and  most  prestigious  rank,
    Eagle  Scout;  the Eagle Court of Honor ceremony will be held on Sunday,
    January 16, 2011, at Christ Lutheran Church, Wantagh, New York; and

      WHEREAS, Anthony T. Anesta is a member  of  Boy  Scouts  of  America
    Troop 656 of Wantagh, New York; and

      WHEREAS,  America has achieved her greatest heights of glory through
    the dedication, determination and tireless efforts  of  the  outstanding
    citizens of this Nation; and

      WHEREAS, It is only with the continued diligence and devotion of our
    youth, tomorrow's leaders, that America will maintain her glory; and

      WHEREAS,  The Boy Scouts of America and its members are dedicated to
    the development of character and leadership in the youth of this Nation;

      WHEREAS, The highest achievement of leadership in  Scouting,  earned
    by  only  five  percent  of all Boy Scouts, is the distinguished rank of
    Eagle Scout; and

      WHEREAS, This outstanding young man has been  involved  in  Scouting
    for  many  years, has lived up to Scouting's ideals and has attained all
    of the necessary  achievements,  including  completion  of  a  community
    service project, which was successfully planned, developed and executed;

      WHEREAS,  For  his  project,  Anthony  T. Anesta designed scarecrows
    shaped like dogs, known as shadow dogs, to deter the  overpopulation  of
    Canadian  Geese  who are damaging the athletic fields of Wantagh Central
    School District; and

      WHEREAS, In addition, Anthony T. Anesta raised the  funds  necessary
    to  construct  36 shadow dogs to place throughout the fields, and due to
    his valiant efforts, all Wantagh Schools have seen a  dramatic  decrease
    in the number of geese that migrate to the grounds; and

      WHEREAS,  Anthony  T.  Anesta's  perseverance  in rising through the
    ranks to Eagle Scout is a strong indication of  his  ability  to  master
    difficult  tasks;  his  accomplishment  will  enable  him to emerge as a
    leader, fully  equipped  to  meet  the  challenges  of  today's  complex
    society; and

      WHEREAS, This new Eagle Scout is a credit to his family, his school,
    his community, his State and his Nation, and no doubt his future will be
    filled with accomplishments of equal importance; now, therefore, be it

      RESOLVED,  That this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations, in
    recognition of the significance  of  this  meritorious  achievement,  to
    congratulate  and honor Anthony T. Anesta on achieving the rank of Eagle
    Scout; and be it further

      RESOLVED, That a copy of this  Resolution,  suitably  engrossed,  be
    transmitted to Anthony T. Anesta.