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Senate President Pro Tempore's Statement on passing of City Councilman Thomas White Jr.



    “Today Southeast Queens lost an iconic advocate, and I lost a dear
    friend. City Councilman Thomas White Jr., served his community with
    great pride and distinction for over three decades, fighting to keep
    our streets safe and drug free, and improve the quality of life for
    seniors, children, and small business owners.

    As Chair of the Council’s Economic Development Committee, Tom White
    understood that to get New York working again, we had to get New
    Yorkers back to work. His support for the commercial revitalization of
    economically distressed areas, and expansion of opportunities for
    minority and women owned businesses created countless jobs and helped
    families struggling to get by put food on their tables and pay their

    “Tom also understood that no community was safe from the dangerous
    affects of drugs and alcohol without comprehensive treatment and
    community engagement initiatives. His work creating effective alcohol
    and substance abuse residential treatment programs saved the lives of
    tens of thousands of young men, women, and families whose lives were
    torn apart by the affects of drug and alcohol addiction and abuse.

    “The thing I will most remember about Tom, is he was a man of active
    compassion. He didn’t just care, he did something about it. Tom never
    sat on the sidelines, he rolled up his sleeves and fought for our
    community every day. For that, we will forever be in his debt, as he

    will always be in our memories. On behalf of the State Senate, my
    thoughts and prayers go out to Tom’s family.”





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