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Senator Adams' press release proposing a temporary commission to prevent outside interference with NY State Police duties



Senator Eric Adams and Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries announced legislation that will create a temporary commission to investigate inappropriate political intervention in the functioning of the New York State Police DepartmentThe legislation stems from recent allegations that unwarranted interference in NYS Police operations has occurred during the last few administrations. 

Fashioned after both the 1970s Knapp Commission and the 1990s Mollen Commission, the temporary commission will consist of nine members.  Five, including the chair, will be distinguished former members of the judiciary “who have served on a state or federal court and shall be appointed by the chief judge of the New York State Court of Appeals.” The remaining four members will be appointed by the legislature and will be either former judges or distinguished professors with substantial law enforcement experience.

NYS Senator Eric Adams states:  “The role of the New York State Police must be free from the influence of politics.  The State Police cannot ‘serve, protect and defend the people’ if the integrity of their decisions is hamstrung by political concerns.  The commission established by our legislation will guarantee the independence of the State Police and ensure that its focus on law enforcement and crime prevention remains undiluted by any outside pressure, interference, or manipulation.”


NYS Assemblyman Hakim Jeffries states: “Under the administrations of the last three governors, there is troubling evidence that state troopers have been subject to improper political influence and used in ways that undermine the very fabric of our democracy."

The commission will be given subpoena power and further authority to carry out any studies, inquiries, surveys, or analyses it deems relevant to its aims. It will make a report of its findings, including any recommended changes, “to the governor, the temporary president of the senate, and the speaker of the assembly no later than one hundred eighty days after this act shall have become law.”