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South Salem, N.Y. – (1/30/12) – Senator Greg Ball (R, C – Patterson) was given the rare opportunity to get up-close and personal with some key ambassadors this past weekend.  South Salem’s Wolf Conservation Center offered guests a glimpse of its ambassador wolves, nine-month-old pups Alawa and Zephyr, for a sunset photo op.  Visitors were also given access to photo the WCC’s endangered Mexican and red wolves, rarely on exhibit to the public.  The WCC is one of the nation’s preeminent safe havens for these beautiful, but threatened, animals.  The ambassador pups are the first to be introduced since 2002.

“As a member of the New York Legislative Sportmen’s Caucus, I fully support the protection and conservation of our most threatened wildlife,” said Ball.  “The WCC is one of the nation’s few conservatories that is working to restore the critically endangered Mexican gray wolf, and I’m proud to say the WCC is located  within the 40th district.  Wildlife conservation is a priority for the communities I represent, and I’m glad to be here to support this cause.”

Ball said,“The WCC is a great place for parents to bring the kids.  Apart from its beauty, the WCC is a place where kids can be introduced to some of these rare animals, learn a bit about them, and learn why wildlife conservation is important to the health and beauty of their communities.”

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