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    Brewster, N.Y. – (3/14/12) -Senator Greg Ball (R, C – Patterson) said he strongly opposes legislation (S-675B) that would include micro-stamping in the Senate budget proposal. Microstamping is an outright assault on the Second Amendment, results in a new onerous tax, and involved the expensive and invasive use of laser technology to engrave a microscopic marking onto the tip of the firing pin and onto the breech face of a firearm, so that spent cartridges give information about the firearm.

    “This is another hair brained Albany scheme that will cost jobs, create a virtual tax on sportsman and turn law abiding firearm owners into criminals. There is not a shred of credible evidence that proves the technology actually works,” Senator Ball said. “There is however evidence out of the Suffolk County Crime Lab in Hauppauge and the University of California, Davis, that shows the technology does not work. In order to comply with this law, there would need to be a total redesign of all pistols made over the past 120 years. Can you imagine what that would cost to law abiding sportsman and firearm owners? Certainly not $.50 per gun as some microstamping supporters believe. This is a back door gun grab by liberal legislators engaged in social engineering, and I won’t vote for a budget that includes it.”

    For more information or to speak with Senator Ball, please contact Brittany Serra (845) 200-9716.