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    Albany, N.Y. – 05/05/2014 –Senator Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson), member of the New York State Senate Health Committee, issued the following statement regarding (S438) legislation that is scheduled to be voted on in committee on Tuesday, May 6, 2014.

    Senator Greg Ball, who recently hosted a Right To Life Lobby Day in Albany, said this legislation would dangerously and needlessly expand late term abortions in New York State.

    “This is an affront to all New Yorkers and an assault on women. Recklessly allowing non doctors to perform late term abortions, including in the third trimester, is a dangerous, unprecedented attack on basic decency. Regardless of where you stand on abortion, this is just plain nuts. This atrocity in the making illustrates one simple fact: the only extremists in New York are the handful of irresponsible legislators pushing for this agenda. If passed, this would immediately place women at severe risk by permitting late-term abortions and encouraging late-term abortion clinics to open up shop in New York State. Clinics that currently face less scrutiny than tanning bed salons and that would, under this ridiculously sickening law, allow non-doctors to begin performing abortions. This bill will also endanger religious based hospitals that do not wish to offer abortion services. While the devil’s personal doctor, Kermit Gosnell, may find this bill language acceptable, I’m proud to call it the ‘Women’s Endangerment Act’. I will be a no vote on this legislation and I strongly urge my colleagues to do the same,” said Senator Greg Ball.

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