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Senator Ball Passes Gas Tax Holiday in Senate


ALBANY, NY (5/24/2011) – Senator Greg Ball (R, C – Patterson) announced that the Gas Tax Holiday Bill, S4880B, passed the State Senate by a 48-14 vote. The legislation, sponsored by Senator Ball and Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (R, C, I – Schenectady-Saratoga) suspends 33 cents in gas taxes during Memorial Day weekend, Independence Day weekend, and Labor Day weekend

“While those nations that hate us are getting rich at our expense, our blue collar families and small business owners are being mugged at the pump,” Senator Ball said. “Governments should not smile and watch their coffers grow as taxpayer misery skyrockets with ever-increasing gas prices. Let’s help people to enjoy their time off with their families while giving our local economy a boost.”

Senator Ball’s Gas Tax Holiday bill suspends the three separate state taxes on fuel: the 8-cent excise tax; the 8-cent sales tax; and the 17-cent Petroleum Business Tax. Suspending these taxes will provide consumers an immediate savings of 33 cents per gallon of gasoline, or about $5 per fill-up. Counties also have the option to provide up to an additional 16-cent tax cut, which would raise the total savings at the pump to 49 cents per gallon. Additionally, the bill will not negatively impact the Dedicated Highway and Bridge Trust Fund, which is maintained by taxes collected on the sale of motor fuels.

“Families and businesses are experiencing real pain at the pump that’s pinching their already over-stressed budgets. While we need to invest in clean and green alternative energy sources to solve our nation’s long-term energy needs, we can provide some relief now by suspending the state sales taxes during the three summer holiday weekends,” said Assemblyman Tedisco.

With the busy Memorial Day travel season upon us, Senator Ball’s Gas Tax Holiday helps New Yorkers to enjoy their time off with families while giving the local economy a boost.

Senator Ball is currently working on a permanent relief to high gas prices by strengthening the penalties against companies that engage in the practice of Zone Pricing, the practice of corporations charging more to gas station owners in different geographic areas.