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Senator Ball Urges Governor To Schedule SAGE Hearing


ALBANY, NY (02/08/2011) - Senator Greg Ball (R, C - Patterson) today sent a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo, requesting that the Governor schedule a Public Hearing of the Savings and Government Efficiencies Commission before February 18. The letter reads:
Governor Cuomo:
I respectfully request that a Public Hearing of the Savings and Government Efficiency (SAGE) Commission be scheduled before February 18 so that we may immediately begin the work of finding opportunities to cut government operations by at least twenty percent.
As you are aware, appointments to the SAGE Commission began the first week of January. Now, six weeks after the first appointments, the SAGE Commission has not yet scheduled its first meeting. I also ask that you request Speaker of the Assembly Sheldon Silver recommend a member of the Majority Conference of the State Assembly to be appointed to the Commission, as it is my understanding he has yet to do so.
I thank you for providing me with the opportunity to serve on this commission and I believe we must immediately begin the hard work to identify waste and duplicative services so that we can meet the people’s expectations for streamlining state government.
                                                                                                Gregory R. Ball
                                                                                                State Senator
                                                                                                40th District

As one of 20 members on the SAGE Commission, Senator Ball will complete a comprehensive review of state government, including its structures, operations and processes, with the ultimate goal of saving taxpayers’ money, increasing accountability and improving the delivery of government services. Senator Ball also launched the website, which will allow the people to give direct feedback to Senator Ball on how the SAGE Commission can best accomplish its goals.