Senator Díaz to Wayne Barrett: “Get Your Facts Straight!”


    January 12, 2010
    For Immediate Release

    Senator Díaz to Wayne Barrett: “Get Your Facts Straight!”

    I don’t know why there are some reporters and news media people that are always attributing to me quotes and statements that I have never said.

    The most recent of these aberrations was committed yesterday, Monday, January, 11, 2010 by Mr. Wayne Barrett from The Village Voice. Mr. Barrett, is apparently trying to stop NYC Councilmember Simcha Felder from becoming NYC Deputy Comptroller. In his effort, he is also linking Felder’s points of view to mine and in doing so he writes, “Felder, on the other hand, has aligned himself, and his votes against gay legislation, with the two or three Republicans  in the Council and the Democrats like former councilman and current State Senator Rubén Díaz, who said Silver was ‘an embarrassment as a Jew’ at anti-gay rally last year!”

    Well Mr. Barrett’s statement is nothing further from the truth. I never said that.  Mr. Barrett was nowhere to be seen at that rally. Oh yes, there was a big rally in front of Gov. Paterson’s Manhattan office. Oh yes, I organized that rally. Oh yes, there were more than 25,000 people; and yes, the statement was made, but not by me. That statement was made by Brooklyn Rabbi Yehuda Levin.

    So ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Wayne Barrett today has joined those that continually attribute quotes and remarks to me that I have never said. But, the most interesting thing is that they have never yet attributed a positive statement to me. They always find something negative and destructive to say about me. I wonder why? My advice, ladies and gentlemen is that I don’t mind them talking and writing about me; I never mind it. But please, always get your facts straight.