Senator  John  A.  DeFrancisco  (R-I-C,  Syracuse) will present Peggy
    Liuzzi,  the  Executive  Director  of  Child  Care Solutions, with the 2010
    "Women  of Distinction" award for the 50th Senate District. The Senate will
    honor  women  from Central New York and throughout the State at a reception
    this evening in Albany.

           Ms.  Liuzzi  has  worked  to  improve the lives of children since she
    began  teaching  at  Plymouth Day Care Center in 1972.  Since then, she has
    held  various positions in early childhood education and has served on many
    boards with a goal of improving the lives of children and their families.

           "I am proud to honor Peggy Liuzzi," said Senator DeFrancisco. "She is
    truly dedicated to improving the quality of life of children in the daycare
    system  and  their families.  She has found new and innovative ways to make
    the childcare council more user-friendly for families needing child care. "

           Senator   DeFrancisco  and  his  colleagues  started  the  "Women  of
    Distinction"  program  in  1998, as a way to recognize the contributions of
    women  in  New  York State who have enhanced the lives of those around them
    and  who,  through  their achievements, have inspired other women and their
    communities.  Each honoree will be recognized at today's ceremony and their
    photograph  and  biography  will be displayed in an exhibit proclaiming the
    special contributions of each "Woman of Distinction."

           Previous  honorees  have included remarkable women from the academic,
    civic  and  business  arenas, as well as women who have performed heroic or
    selfless  acts,  made  significant  discoveries,  or  provided  examples of
    personal excellence against difficult odds.