Senator Díaz introduces and re-introduces 101 Pieces of Legislation


    January 3, 2011

    As you may know, the 2011-2012 Senate Session commences this Wednesday, January 5. Before session begins, I would like to present to you the 101 pieces of legislation that I have previously introduced and have re-introduced for the new legislative session.

    I call on my Republican colleagues to carefully consider these bills to ensure their swift passage.

    2011 Both Houses Bills, Prime Sponsored For: Díaz

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    Bill No.    
    S58    DIAZ -- Enacts the "behavioral health and long-term care act"
    S59    DIAZ -- Establishes the office for diversity and educational equity within the state university of New York administration
    S60    DIAZ -- Provides for the expungement of unsustained allegations of abuse and the sealing of records; repealer
    S61    DIAZ -- Requires all dogs and their owners to successfully complete obedience training
    S62    DIAZ -- Requires the micro-chipping of all dogs, excluding temporarily kept dogs; and creates a state registry to maintain contact information
    S63    DIAZ -- Establishes a gift for preserving religious landmarks on state income tax returns, and provides for grants to preserve certain inner-city houses of worship
    S93    DIAZ -- Requires coverage of medical nutrition therapy by health and accident insurance policies
    S94    DIAZ -- Relates to implementing the immigrant assistance service enforcement act
    S95    DIAZ -- Establishes the "keep effective and excellent professionals in the classroom act"; relates to procedures for the abolition of teaching positions; repealers
    S96    DIAZ -- Requires elected officials to post certain information regarding contributions on his or her website
    S97    DIAZ -- Relates to establishing the students with disabilities school choice act
    S98    DIAZ -- Encourages voluntary, informed vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV)
    S99    DIAZ -- Excludes a social security number or social security card from documentation required to be provided to renew an existing driver's license
    S100    DIAZ -- Relates to the use of portable electronic devices
    S108    DIAZ -- Provides that stalking by technological means shall be prohibited and shall be included in the crimes of stalking in the first, second and third degrees
    S109    DIAZ -- Authorizes department of transportation to survey areas with a high incidence of pedestrian accidents involving senior citizens
    S110    DIAZ -- Establishes a senior housing task force
    S111    DIAZ -- Relates to establishing the NYS prescription medication cost containment program
    S112    DIAZ -- Establishes the New York certified retirement community program within the office for the aging
    S113    DIAZ -- Creates a shared housing registry for senior citizens
    S114    DIAZ -- Requires commercial insurers to make available an option to parents/guardians to cover their mentally or physically challenged dependents
    S115    DIAZ -- Relates to kosher for Passover product price gouging
    S116    DIAZ -- Relates to prostitution offenses; creates the new crimes of unlawful prostitution and sexual exploitation of a child
    S117    DIAZ -- Relates to increasing the availability of adult day health care programs in certain counties
    S118    DIAZ -- Requires cultural awareness and competence training for all medical professionals as part of their licensing requirements; public ed program; appropriation
    S119    DIAZ -- Prohibits the deferral of awards granted under the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)
    S120    DIAZ -- Provides a credit against tax for the purchase and installation of grab bars
    S121    DIAZ -- Provides for local community board input in the liquor authority's decision to license establishments serving alcohol for on-premise consumption
    S122    DIAZ -- Authorizes the panel to adopt policies to exclude certain non-recurring items from income for the program for elderly pharmaceutical insurance coverage
    S123    DIAZ -- Requires a warning instruction by entities which manufacture, assemble and sell roller skates and skate boards
    S124    DIAZ -- Increases allowable maximum income of persons occupying rental units otherwise eligible for tax abatement in certain cases
    S125    DIAZ -- Relates to the use of environmentally-sensitive cleaning and maintenance products in nursing homes and adult homes
    S126    DIAZ -- Relates to establishing the New York state seniors trust fund and directing certain moneys to be deposited into such fund
    S262    DIAZ -- Provides for an additional franchise tax on certain life insurance policies
    S263    DIAZ -- Establishes a process for the regulation of collecting, recording, and disclosing confidential information by state employees
    S266    DIAZ -- Limits the degree of physical force a parent, guardian, or other person entrusted with the care of a child or incompetent, may use to discipline such person
    S267    DIAZ -- Prohibits the operation of a motor vehicle on a public road, street or highway which is equipped with a display device within the view of the operator
    S268    DIAZ -- Relates to the New York Black Car Operators' Injury Compensation Fund, Inc.
    S269    DIAZ -- Requires a course of instruction in the awareness of hate crimes
    S270    DIAZ -- Authorizes the establishment of a caregiver support program for grandparents and other older adult relative caregivers
    S271    DIAZ -- Relates to clarifying definitions of "illegal money transmission" and "money laundering"; and relates to penalties for unlicensed money transmitters
    S284    DIAZ -- Prohibits a member of the legislature from engaging in any outside paid activity during his or her term of office
    S285    DIAZ -- Prohibits use of lottery funds for any purpose other than education and prohibits co-mingling with funds for other purposes
    S286    DIAZ -- Provides for all school buses to be equipped with on-board video cameras; for policies and procedures relating to their use; and for financing their installation
    S287    DIAZ -- Provides that the commissioner of education shall provide students who are in fifth grade or below shall remain in the building unless released to an authorized person
    S288    DIAZ -- Creates a task force on universal long term care insurance
    S289    DIAZ -- Eliminates taxes on alternative energies
    S290    DIAZ -- Prohibits approval by the commissioner of motor vehicles of defensive driving courses or defensive driving programs conducted over the internet only
    S292    DIAZ -- Provides that the commissioner of health shall report improper measures by manufacturers, suppliers or retailers to attorney general which cause exposure to lead
    S293    DIAZ -- Requires that all persons working on contracts valued at $250,000 or more receive at least ten hours of OSHA training prior to their performance of work
    S294    DIAZ -- Requires notice of potential liability to be given to applicants for medical assistance or family health care plus
    S295    DIAZ -- Requires telegraph and telephone corporations to charge religious organizations residential rates
    S296    DIAZ -- Provides that supervision fees for parolees shall be collected at a central location and shall not be collected by parole officers
    S297    DIAZ -- Requires state campgrounds to provide a reduced fee for campsites to persons 65 or over
    S298    DIAZ -- Requires telephone companies to provide essential equipment, including voice dialing equipment, to persons with disabilities
    S299    DIAZ -- Establishes a senior dental services grant program
    S300    DIAZ -- Establishes criminal offenses relating to criminal street gang enterprises and the abatement of premises used for such enterprises
    S301    DIAZ -- Requires farm labor contractors to provide certified copies of payroll records to the commissioner of labor
    S302    DIAZ -- Provides for the issuance of distinctive license plates for members of the clergy
    S303    DIAZ -- Establishes the bureau of the senior tenants' advocate in the state office for the aging
    S304    DIAZ -- Prohibits the use of social security numbers by an organization or governmental agency for the identification of an individual
    S305    DIAZ -- Relates to authorizing school districts to establish policies prohibiting the wearing of gang-related apparel, markings or symbols
    S306    DIAZ -- Increases promoting prostitution in the fourth degree from a class A misdemeanor to a class E felony
    S307    DIAZ -- Regulates the proportional distribution of revenues from the sale of lottery tickets between expenses of the lottery and state education
    S308    DIAZ -- Renames and broadens the geriatric service demonstration program to include older adults with mental health disabilities and chemical dependence
    S309    DIAZ -- Enacts the Senior Anti-Violence and Enforcement Act
    S313    DIAZ -- Requires posting of sign in all premises licensed to sell alcoholic beverages on the premises which offers to assist patrons in obtaining alternative transportation
    S314    DIAZ -- Provides for an extension of time to the purchasing period for tenants to purchase a dwelling unit in a cooperative apartment building
    S315    DIAZ -- Provides that municipalities must provide substance and alcohol abuse counseling and treatment for police officers
    S316    DIAZ -- Makes victims of certain dog attacks eligible for awards by the crime victims board
    S317    DIAZ -- Increases penalties and requires imprisonment for leaving the scene of an incident without reporting; presumption of avoiding prosecution for DUI
    S318    DIAZ -- Authorizes the commissioner of motor vehicles to issue driving privilege cards to persons not otherwise qualified to receive a driver's license
    S319    DIAZ -- Enacts the New York state senior housing opportunities partnership act and establishes a state senior housing opportunities partnership authority
    S331    DIAZ -- Relates to matching funds for grants under the naturally occurring retirement community supportive service program
    S332    DIAZ -- Changes the designation of incest from a class E to a class B felony
    S333    DIAZ -- Authorizes the city of New York to reconvey its interest in certain real property acquired by in rem tax foreclosure in the borough of Bronx to former owner St. Peter's Lutheran Church
    S334    DIAZ -- Relates to the disciplinary hearings and procedures for teachers in the city district of the city of New York
    S347    DIAZ -- Provides that issuers of debit and credit cards shall pay sales and use taxes directly to the commissioner of taxation and finance
    S348    DIAZ -- Establishes the home delivered meal assistance program
    S349    DIAZ -- Relates to public hearings prior to fee or rate increases by the metropolitan transportation authority
    S350    DIAZ -- Requires court to advise aliens of deportation consequences of guilty plea; allows guilty plea withdrawal
    S377    DIAZ -- Provides for the establishment of a voluntary chaplaincy program for the public schools
    S378    DIAZ -- Requires banking institutions to accept the Dominican consular identification card as a valid form of identification for all banking transactions
    S479    DIAZ -- Enacts the criminal street gang related crimes act
    S480    DIAZ -- Relates to establishing NYS prescription medication cost containment program
    S481    DIAZ -- Establishes the medicaid outreach and enrollment program
    S482    DIAZ -- Relates to requiring renewal notices for applications under the SCRIE program
    S483    DIAZ -- Provides additional rent protection for senior citizens where their rent is more than one-half of their income
    S499    DIAZ -- Changes fine for violations by employment agencies to up to $500 a day and a class A misdemeanor for 3 or more violations in 5 years
    S500    DIAZ -- Includes in definition of income all sources after deduction of all medical and prescription drugs not reimbursed or paid by insurance
    S501    DIAZ -- Relates to making the cost of incarceration for non-violent felons available to the public
    S502    DIAZ -- Relates to the senior citizen energy packaging pilot program; repealer
    S503    DIAZ -- Prohibits secondary schools and colleges from withholding student transcripts for failure to pay tuition
    S504    DIAZ -- Relates to prohibiting retained asset accounts
    S505    DIAZ -- Defines "criminal street gang" and prohibits criminal street gang recruitment of a minor
    S556    DIAZ -- Regulates the provision of refund anticipation loans by persons and entities other than banking institutions
    S557    DIAZ -- Authorizes the trustees of the state university of New York and city university of New York to create academic review boards to study the cost of college textbooks
    S558    DIAZ -- Creates the offenses of aggravated sale of a firearm and aggravated sale of a firearm to a minor
    S634    DIAZ -- Requires any person convicted of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs to complete a drinking driver program as a condition of their sentence
    S955    DIAZ -- Relates to venue for certain civil actions arising out of certain violations of the lien law and the vehicle and traffic law
    S956    DIAZ -- Provides for a financial exploitation prevention outreach, education and training program and fund