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           “As someone who strongly opposed the Port Authority’s toll increase plan, I am completely appalled that the Port Authority misled the public as to why these toll increases were needed. 

            One of the primary reasons the public was told an increase was necessary was to fund the World Trade Center completion.  In an August 18th letter to the Port Authority Board of Commissioners, Governors Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie noted that they would not oppose the toll hike plan in part because it ‘will allow for the completion of the World Trade Center.’ At least one Port Authority Commissioner publicly stated that he was voting in favor of the increase for exactly the same reason.   

            However, media reports show that the Port Authority stated in legal fillings that none of the revenue from the toll increases approved in August will be used for the World Trade Center.           

            Drivers were told that higher tolls were needed in large part to pay for the World Trade Center.  If that’s not the case, then why were these increases even needed?  

            Port Authority officials either grossly miscalculated their finances or worse, lied to the public about why a toll increase was needed.  This follows a toll increase process which was marred by a glaring lack of transparency, with a single day of public comment hearings which no Port Authority Commissioner bothered to attend.  This is yet another example as to why these toll increases should never have happened.”