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    Albany, N.Y. – 10/16/2013 – Senator Greg Ball, (R, C, I – Patterson) Chairman of the Senate Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee, has announced that he will be introducing legislation giving motorists the option to carry proof of insurance and vehicle registration in electronic form, via mobile electronic devices.

    This pro-consumer legislation will save paper as well as postage for the state and insurance companies. The bill will also continue New York State’s push to remain an up and coming center of technology into the 21st century.

    “We live in an increasingly digital world where almost everything is accessible via a smartphone. Many policy holders are adapting to the changing times by introducing mobile apps to better suit their consumers. As more companies make this available and as more New York State residents begin to carry smartphone’s, I believe it is time for New York to join other states and take this step into the digital age,” said Senator Greg Ball.

    Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg, (D – Long Beach), will introduce the legislation in the Assembly.

    “In our ever-expanding electronic era, it makes perfect sense to allow proof of insurance to be provided in this manner,” said Assemblyman Weisenberg.

    Nearly 30 states have already approved electronic proof of insurance including, California, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana and Minnesota to name a few.

    “Electronic proof of auto insurance is an option whose time has come,” said Ellen Melchionni, president of New York State Insurance Association. “Nearly 30 states have e-card laws that permit drivers to present evidence of valid auto insurance to a police officer. New York should adopt this legislation and join this green initiative that addresses the needs of policyholders who increasingly look to technology to retrieve information.”

    Senator Ball also noted that this legislation will become an important safety tool for law enforcement.

    “Spending less time rummaging through your purse or glove box looking for your insurance and registration translates into less time law enforcement officers spend on the side of the road near fast moving traffic,” added Ball.

    Senator Ball will introduce the electronic proof of insurance legislation when the Senate returns to session in January.


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