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    Brewster, N.Y. – 04/03/2014 – Senator Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson), Chairman of the Senate Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee, issued the following statement.

    “I have full faith in the jury and the system itself. That said, and if the reports are accurate, we still have a conflicted District Attorney who allowed an illegal alien to live in his home. If the facts are true surrounding Levy’s efforts to meddle in this case, then Levy has not only violated the law but the public trust. Beyond that simple fact, the allegations of conflict against Levy are disturbing. According to news reports, Levy personally financed the attorney to defend Hossu, and we all know that Levy’s brother-in-law was also representing Hossu. It has also been widely reported that Levy proactively strategized about the case with the attorney and reportedly divulged confidential evidence to Hossu’s lawyer, including sensitive grand jury information. Let us remember, he allegedly did all of this while serving as District Attorney. While Hossu has seen his day in court and prevailed, Putnam County is still left with a system dysfunctional and broken to the core. The Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s Office cannot functionally coordinate. The current environment is toxic and dangerous to justice itself. Elected officials of clear mind, and on both sides of the aisle, have asked for an independent, ethical intervention. We still ask for that assistance. We hope that the accusations are false, but solving that question must be done by a higher authority, Putnam prays, and I join them, that someone is listening,” said Senator Greg Ball.

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