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Senator Johnson On His New Leadership Role


    I am pleased to announce my appointment as Senior Assistant Majority Leader of the NY Senate.  This post means that I will play a key role in the Senate Majority Leadership team.  

    As part of that team, I will continue my fight to cut spending, stop runaway taxes and help small businesses create jobs.  I am committed to being a strong voice for the 4th Senate District, all of Long Island and New York State on these issues as I have been during my entire career.  

    I look forward to working with Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos over the next two years in my leadership role as Senior Assistant Majority Leader to help put this state back on track.  

    Senator Skelos has asked me to serve on the following committees:  Banks; Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business; Environmental Conservation; Labor; Rules; and Transportation. 

    I have also been appointed Vice-Chair of the powerful Finance Committee in recognition of my expertise and longtime tenure as Chairman of that committee.

    It is with great honor that I serve you!

    Senator Owen H. Johnson