Senator Lee Zeldin Opposes DREAM Act


 March 17, 2014

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Senator Lee Zeldin Opposes DREAM Act

“Immigrants have long shaped our history as a nation and it is abundantly clear that it is from our diversity that we draw so much of our strength. After hearing from constituents, educators and these students themselves, it is clear that our system is broken and it is failing them. I admire the passion of the students who have told their stories and I have the utmost respect for their desire to continue their education. I am not without compassion for their plight.

That being said, I cannot in good conscience, support expanding eligibility for State financial aid to undocumented immigrants at the expense of citizens and other immigrants who are lawfully in our country.

Clearly, our country’s current immigration system is not working, and it is my hope that the federal government develops a more effective process that will resolve the serious concerns plaguing this bill. The need to address our nation’s immigration issues is critical for the good of these young people, the betterment of our communities and the long term success of our republic.”