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Senator Maziarz Announces Funding For Orleans County School Districts



             Senator George Maziarz (R-C, Newfane), is pleased to announce that he was able to secure funding for the 5 school districts in Orleans County from the Legislative Education Aid Grant Process.  Each of the five districts-Albion, Holley, Kendall, Lyndonville and Medina-will receive $50,000 to spend in their district on what their top priorities are.  Senator Maziarz was joined by the School District Superintendents to announce the awarding of the funding as the new school year starts.


            “I am extremely pleased that the school districts in Orleans County were recognized as districts in need and were selected to receive this funding,” said Senator Maziarz.  “I have always been an advocate for education and continue to fight for every school in my district.  This funding will allow each school district to fund opportunities which had to be cut in their budgets, and more importantly will help continue to provide the best education for the children in Orleans County.”


Albion Superintendent Michael Bonnewell said, “We are grateful for Senator Maziarz efforts in securing funds from the Legislative Education Aid Grant Process that will assist us in providing professional development and instructional resources as we implement the Common Core Learning Standards and the teacher and principal evaluation and development program.  These funds provide us with the means to continue our commitment to continuous improvement—a core value of the Albion Central School District.”


Holley Superintendent Robert D’Angelo said, “Senator Maziarz has always been responsive to the needs of our school district which reaffirms his commitment to the education of our youth.  We are extremely grateful for his willingness to always listen and help.  The funds secured by Senator Maziarz enabled us to restore an Occupational Therapist position, addressing the needs of not only students with special needs, but also out student population as a whole.”


Kendall Superintendent Julie Christensen said, “The Kendall School community and students thank Senator Maziarz for his continued support.  The additional funding has allowed us to purchase new laptops, I pads and technology to prepare our students for the 21st Century and become college and career ready.”


Lyndonville Superintendent Jason Smith said, “The Lyndonville Central School District continues to be grateful for the support for education-and specifically our school district-by Senator Maziarz.  The District will be allocating these special funds to security upgrades to our school bus fleet.  With the consolidation of our transportation runs into a single run for all of our students, the addition of security cameras on our fleets will provide an added measure of safety and supervision.  The District will also be applying these funds towards full restoration of our after-school tutoring program.”


Medina Superintendent Jeff Evoy said, “The Medina Central School District is very please that Senator Maziarz has secured $50,000 for our school district.  We appreciate his ongoing advocacy for our school district.  This funding will be utilized to reinstate a School Resource Officer in our district.  Student safety is a top priority and having the benefit of an SRP will bolster the safety and security of our campus.”