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Senator Sampson Comments on Tax and Finance Regulation Concerning Tax Preparers


Senator John L. Sampson commented on a proposed rule issued by the State Tax and Finance Department entitled Consumer Bill of Rights Regarding Tax Preparers (TAF-07-09-11-P).  Senator Sampson asked the Department to revise the  rule to conform with statutory language by including the definition of a “refund anticipation check,” and the term “refund.”  In addition, Senator Sampson believed consumers may get confused about the regulation’s terms of refund, refund anticipation check and refund anticipation loan.  Senator Sampson asked the Department to make certain consumers are aware of the complete definitions of the terms and that they would be displayed on both the Tax and Finance web site and the Consumer Protection Board web site.

As a result of Senator Sampson’s comments, the regulation was adopted with all statutory  terminology clearly included in the final version of the rule.  The regulation and definitions were included on both the Tax and Finance and Consumer Protection Board websites.