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Senators to NYPA: Get back to the table


    State Senators Patty Ritchie, Joe Griffo and George Maziarz, the Chair of
    the State Senate’s Energy Committee,  today joined together to call on the
    New York Power Authority to get back to the table, after NYPA abruptly
    ended talks on benefits to local communities impacted by  the sprawling St.
    Lawrence-FDR power dam.

    “The shoreline communities sacrificed so much to make the St. Lawrence
    Power Project possible, and the impact is still being felt today,” said
    Senator Ritchie. “The Power Authority needs to reach a common sense
    compromise that addresses the needs of these communities, and we are urging
    that they get back to table to resume negotiations. It’s time to find
    common ground.”

    “The Power Authority has earned billions of dollars from its operations on
    the St. Lawrence River, and these communities want nothing more than to be
    treated fairly,” said Senator Griffo.

    Both Senators Ritchie and Griffo also serve on the Senate Energy Committee.

    “NYPA has an obligation to treat host communities equitably, whether they
    are in Western or Northern New York,” said Senator Maziarz. “But if NYPA
    won’t talk, they’re not living up to their end of the deal. It’s time to
    get back to table and reach an equitable deal for the North Country.”

    Local government leaders and the Power Authority have been conducting a
    10-year review of the Massena dam’s 2002 relicensing agreement.

    Critics say that deal shortchanged the North Country, compared to a similar
    relicensing pact between NYPA and Western New York communities located near
    the utility’s Niagara Project facility, and the differences have cost local
    communities here millions of dollars.