Statement on the Governor's Budget Proposals


“New Yorkers were outraged last year when spending increased by $12 billion and taxes and fees by $8.5 billion.  In light of some of his recent comments, I fully expected the Governor to roll back many of his taxes and fees and anticipated that he would cut spending.  After hearing Governor Paterson’s Budget proposals today, his budget actions have not changed from last year, even though he talked tough on spending and taxes during the State of the State address.
His budget proposals will increase taxes and fees by almost $1 billion and spending from $131 billion to $136 billion.  New Yorkers will be forced to pay more taxes and fees on soda, health care and other fees if the Governor’s proposals are passed.  Even worse, the Governor’s proposals will not stimulate private sector job growth in Western New York.
Creating jobs and promoting economic development doesn’t just happen overnight after changing the name of a government program, from the Empire Zone Program to the Excelsior Jobs Program.  Jobs creation will only take place by lowering taxes, cutting spending and eliminating burdensome regulations on businesses.”