Statement on legislation ensuring military voters overseas can vote in special elections


Albany, N.Y. – Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer, in a meeting of the Elections Committee, has voted in support of legislation that ensures military voters overseas can vote in special elections. 

Senator Ranzenhofer has issued the following statement:

“The Senate Committee on Elections took the first step to ensure the right to vote in special elections for members of the military who are serving overseas.

As it is now, the election law in New York requires the period of time between the announcement of a special election and date of that election to be thirty to forty days.  As a result, State and county boards of elections are unable to comply with federal guidelines requiring final ballots be sent to military voters within 45 days of a special election.

I was proud to support legislation in the Elections committee earlier this afternoon - extending the period of time by seventy to eighty days – so that county board of elections will have enough time to send ballots to military voters overseas.  The right to vote for members of the military should not be diminished due to serving our country overseas. This legislation ensures our service men and women’s right to vote.

With an opening in the 26th congressional district, this legislation needs to be passed by the State Legislature immediately.”