The welcome news that the military forces of the United States killed
    terrorist leader Osama bin Laden hopefully brings a measure of peace and
    closure to thousands of New Yorkers, including many of my constituents, who
    lost loved ones, neighbors and friends on September 11th.  Their lives will
    never be the same because of bin Laden’s actions, but after almost ten
    years, justice has finally been done.

           I commend the President for taking decisive action and I want to
    thank the men and women of our armed forces who have tirelessly pursued bin
    Laden for almost a decade, as well as all Americans serving overseas, who
    are putting their lives in danger in the name of freedom.

           While the leader of worldwide terrorism is dead, we must keep up our
    guard to ensure that all Americans here and abroad are safe from his
    followers and others who would bring harm to our country.