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Statement From Senator Malcolm A. Smith


    “My heart goes out to the people of Japan and their many loved ones during this devastating natural tragedy. Currently, there are still thousands of people unaccounted for and survivors are still being pulled from the rubbish. The Japanese community is a very vibrant and important part of New York City and our State, and we will do everything possible to aid them during this painful time.

    In the wake of the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the New York
    State Senate will be providing a web page to help provide New Yorkers with
    different ways to donate to the Red Cross.

    The people of New York have a long and proud tradition of providing aid and
    relief to those in need.  It is important to make sure they are donating to
    a reputable organization.

    Please click on the link below for further info.


    Malcolm A. Smith is the New York State Senate Immediate Past President Pro Tempore (2008-10). He currently serves as Secretary of the NYS Democratic Conference and ranking member on the Banking Committee.