Statement from Senator Ranzenhofer


    The State Senate Task Force on Medicaid Fraud held its first public hearing this morning to explore ways the Legislature can assist counties to improve Medicaid fraud prevention efforts. 

    Senator Ranzenhofer has issued the following statement:

    “Today’s public hearing was a productive step towards eliminating the Medicaid fraud burden on taxpayers.  Many innovative leaders in fighting Medicaid fraud put forth their expertise and real solutions.

    Currently, the out-of-date paper filing system leaves fraud and abuse unchecked, allowing employees to round up to the next hour while providing no additional services; to filling out time sheets for services delivered to two patients at different locations, but during the same time; and to overstate travel mileage for reimbursements.

    Utilizing an electronic system to prevent over-billing of hours and ensure proper delivery of services was one solution which other States have already implemented over the past few years, including Oklahoma, Tennessee and Washington.  The Health Resources Administration in New York City successfully eliminated over $1 billion in abuse over the last decade by implementing these efforts.

    Over the next few months, I will work closely with my Senate colleagues and partners in county government to create an electronic system to catch the fraud and abuse in the Medicaid system.”