Statement from Senator Ranzenhofer on NYPA's recent actions


“The New York Power Authority’s rejection of a 12.1 % rate increase or more accurately a tax increase on hydroelectric power and cancellation of outrageous bonuses to its employees is a major victory for Western New Yorkers today. The New York Power Authority finally understood Western New Yorkers’ message that it’s absolutely irresponsible for the Power Authority to raise rates while paying out outrageous bonuses to its employees.

I called upon NYPA last week to reject electric rate increases because it would hurt Western New York families. Western New York resources should be used for the benefit of Western New York’s economy, period. I will continue to fight to make sure that they are.

The Power Authority must utilize our resources to attract new businesses and jobs to Western New York. Providing low-cost power to existing and new businesses serves as an excellent opportunity to stimulate job growth in Western New York.”