Statement from Senator Ranzenhofer on Reinstating STAR Rebate Checks in Budget


"I lead the fight for homeowners, seniors and middle-class families on the Senate floor today and proposed an amendment to the State budget that would have reinstated STAR rebate checks for each and every homeowner in Western New York.

Unfortunately, Senate democrats rejected my proposal, refusing to provide tax relief for homeowners that already pay some of the highest property taxes in the nation. As a result, families will lose an average of $369 in Erie County and $525 in Genesee County for 2009 in much needed property tax relief.

The Albany politicians still do not understand that Western New Yorkers need property tax relief now. In these tough economic times, Western New Yorkers, especially middle-class families and seniors, need the STAR rebate checks to pay sky-rocketing property taxes just to make ends meet.

Just as I did today on the Senate floor and at news conference outside property taxpayers’ houses weeks ago in Tonawanda and LeRoy, I will continue to fight to preserve the STAR program and property tax relief for Western New York."