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Suffolk County Community College Student Helen Bagnato of North Babylon Presented Mathematical Research at State Capitol.


Senator Owen H. Johnson joined Assemblyman Phil Boyle in welcoming Helen Bagnato, of North Babylon, to the State Capitol on February 29, 2012.  Ms. Bagnato, an NSF S STEM Scholar (National Science Foundation – Scholarships for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) at Suffolk County Community College, participated in the “SUNY Undergraduate Research Symposium:  A Showcase of Scholarly Posters at the Capitol.”

At the symposium, Ms. Bagnato presented her research on Atmospheric Stability Classification, a project she worked on as part of a Suffolk County Community College internship at Brookhaven National Laboratory.  Her research involved a measure of stability class or how quickly gaseous pollutants spread using mathematical analysis.  The purpose of the research was to provide information to be used to evaluate applications for emergency response.

Ms. Bagnato will graduate from Suffolk County Community College  with a degree in Mathematics in May, 2012 and is evaluating transfer opportunities, including Duke University, Tufts University, and Washington College.

The SUNY Undergraduate Research Symposium allowed students the opportunity to present their research and creative academic projects to a large audience at the State Capitol. The event highlighted research, scholarly, and creative activities undertaken by undergraduate students from all 64 SUNY institutions.

Photograph:  Senator Owen H. Johnson joined Assemblyman Phil Boyle in welcoming Helen Bagnato of North Babylon to the State Capitol on February 29, 2012.