Thompson Proposal Leaves Taxpayers Holding the Bag


Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer today expressed his disbelief at a bill being offered by Sen. Antoine Thompson that would offer two additional paid days off per child to all 332,000 state workers to “participate in child’s education”. This bill would be in addition to an excused leave program that already allows state and local government workers to take paid time off in addition to their sick and personal leave and vacation time for specific reasons. All of these leave programs amount to a massive unfunded mandate on localities and a waste of taxpayer money at both the local and state level.

“Government workers already receive more paid time off then anyone working in the private sector. The idea that we should spend more taxpayer money to allow them more time off should be called what it is-an abuse of the taxpayer and a giveaway,” Senator Ranzenhofer said. “We are in the midst of a very real fiscal crisis and what Senator Thompson and the democrats are proposing demonstrates that they really do not understand what the average New York resident or business is facing each and every day.”

Senator Ranzenhofer remains committed to finding ways to reduce both unfunded mandates and the burden of high taxes “The people of the 61st Senate District sent me to Albany to enact policies that are in their best interests, not to cater to any special interest group, “ Ranzenhofer continued “taxpayers can count on me as an advocate and a friend, I will never leave them holding the bag.”

Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer was elected to the New York State Senate in 2008. He represents the 61st Senate District which includes part of the city of Tonawanda, the Towns of Amherst, Clarence, Newstead and Tonawanda in Erie County and all of Genesee County.