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Woman of Distinction From The Town of New Castle and Chappaqua, Maya Manley


    Maya Manley is one of the co-founders of the Making Headway Foundation, which is dedicated to the care, comfort, and cure of children with brain and spinal cord tumors. Twenty-five years ago, her daughter Cynthia was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Through this experience, Ms. Manley discovered that although Cynthia received excellent medical care, there was hardly any support system, or information available to assist her family with learning to cope with Cynthia’s illness. In 1996 the Making Headway Foundation was founded, and since then Ms. Manley has worked with her husband Edward to help other parents who are experiencing the same difficulties their family did. Through their tireless efforts, Mr. & Mrs. Manley have helped to raise over $6.5 million in donations to fund the programs of the Foundation. These programs include a $1 million commitment to a new Neuro Oncology Laboratory at NYU Langone Medical Center. Mrs. Manley is also extremely hands on with the Foundation, hosting a “fun day” at her home every summer, free of charge, for over 400 patient family members. She also volunteers at the Stephen D. Hassenfeld Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders twice a week, participating in groups and playing with children receiving medical treatment. Ms. Manley is a mother of four, and grandmother of two.

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