Woman of Distinction From The Town of Somers, Doris Jane Smith.

Greg Ball

August 20, 2013

Ms. Smith graduated from Manhattanville College with a Masters in Arts and Teaching. Ms. Smith has lived in the Town of Somers for 47 years, working for the Somers Central School District for 20 years and the Town of Somers Parks and Recreation for 23 years. Ms. Smith has been a member of the Somers Historical Society for almost half a century, where she served as the Co-chair for the Town’s Bicentennial Committees, Chair of the Museum and Reis House Committees and Co-chair of the Education Committee. Ms. Smith is the Town Historian and an art teacher at Somers Primrose School and since 1990 has been an American Girl Coordinator, where the curriculum was centered on the American Girl Doll and their importance to American History.