FOIL Rules and Regulations


These Rules and Regulations relating to the public inspection and/or copying of certain legislative records have been adopted by the Temporary President of the Senate pursuant to Article 6 of the Public Officers Law, known as the Freedom of Information Law, and Rule XV of the Rules of the Senate.


You can download the PDF at the bottom of the page or read the full document in the embedded viewer below. The Table lists the documents which fall under FOIL and which the Legislature must provide upon request.

New York State Senate Records Available for Public Inspection And/Or Copying


Records Available Through

Bills, Bill Data & Resolutions
Bills and amendments Open Legislation
Fiscal notes FOIL form
Introducers’ bill memoranda Open Legislation
Resolutions and amendments Open Legislation
Index Records FOIL form

Messages from Governor FOIL form
Messages from Assembly FOIL form
Home Rule Messages FOIL form
Local Fiscal Impact Notes FOIL form
Notifications re agency rules FOIL form

Sessions & Committee Meetings
Transcripts or minutes of public sessions Open Legislation
Journal records of public sessions including attendance and voting records Open Legislation
Transcripts or minutes of meetings and hearings of committees and subcommittees FOIL form
Attendance and voting records of standing committees Open Legislation

Manuals and Reports
Administrative staff manuals and instructions FOIL form
Reports and opinions to the Legislature FOIL form
Reports, recommendations and opinions of committees, subcommittees or commissions, including minority or dissenting reports FOIL form

Personnel Records
Names, public office addresses, titles and salaries of officers and employees Open Data

Travel vouchers, standard vouchers, contracts and leases FOIL form
Internal or external audits and statistical or factual tabulations re material otherwise available for public inspection and copying FOIL form
Any other files, records, papers or documents required by law to be made available for public inspection and copying FOIL form

FOIL Rules and Regulations