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Hurricane Sandy SHELTER UPDATE:


If you need to seek shelter during the aftermath please visit your nearest shelter in BROOKLYN:

NYC Technical College, at 300 Jay St.

Park Slope Armory, at 361 15th St.

J.H.S. 57, at 125 Stuyvesant Ave.

I.S. 111, 35 Starr St.

I.S. 117, AT 300 Willoughby Ave.

I.S. 136, at 4004 4th Ave.

I.S. 189, 1100 East New York Ave.

I.S. 246, 72 Veronica Place

P.S. 249, at 18 Marlborough Road

I.S. 271, 1137 Herkimer St.

I.S. 55, 2021 Bergen St.

I.S. 292, at 300 Wyona St.

I.S. 383, 1300 Greene Ave.

Franklin K. Lane High School, at 999 Jamaica Ave.

Brooklyn Tech High School, 29 Fort Greene Place

Boys & Girls High School, at 1700 Fulton St.

John Jay High School, 237 7th Ave.

Bushwick High School, 400 Irving Ave.

I.S. 187, at 1171 65 St.

Franklin D. Roosevelt High School, 5800 20 Ave.

Clara Barton High School, at 910 Classon Ave.