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Senate Passes Bill Sponsored by Senators Adams to Assist Disaster Victims 

The Senate passed a bill sponsored by NYS Senator Eric Adams (bill number S2644-B) that clarifies provisions of the law relating to extension of governmental deadlines following a state disaster emergency.   

The legislation, which enhances the Governor’s ability to provide assistance to victims after a state disaster emergency has been declared, permits the extension of state and local deadlines (for matters such as property taxes and grant applications).  The bill allows the Governor to take this action in a State Disaster Emergency without the requirement of a request from the local chief executive officer.   

Previous law required such a request from the local jurisdiction in order for the governor to extend deadlines to assist in an emergency.  The new bill recognizes that this may not be practical in an emergency situation.  In addition, the new law makes assistance more effective by targeting it to those directly affected by a disaster. 

The law passed the Senate on April 27 and is now in the State Assembly.