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Sen. Espaillat, Environmental Activists Demonstrate Against Dumping of Untreated Sewage into Hudson River and Call for Better Notification System to Protect the Public

State Senator Adriano Espaillat (D – Manhattan/Bronx) called for an end to the disturbing practice of dumping untreated sewage waste, even in extenuating circumstances. Sen. Espaillat, joined by environmental activists following a major accident at the North River Wastewater Treatment Plant and the ensuing dumping of millions of gallons of untreated sewage into the Hudson River, also called for better notification systems to alert the public in emergency cases where the quality of New York waterways has been compromised.

July 27, 2011

Senator Espaillat Reminds All Residents, Especially Elderly, About Cooling Centers & Important Summer Tips


As temperatures reach record high, residents encouraged to hydrate and utilize cooling centers around the City

July 22, 2011

Sen. Espaillat Calls on NY Congressional Delegation to Reject Massive Cuts to Local Hospitals

With deficit reduction negotiations ongoing in Washington D.C, 3 major hospitals in Manhattan and the Bronx facing cuts of up to $1.25 billion

July 13, 2011

Statement from Sen. Espaillat on His Vote In Support of Marriage Equality

Shortly after 10:30 pm tonight, the New York State Senate passed marriage equality by a 33 – 29 vote. After voting “Yes” on the legislation, Senator Adriano Espaillat (D – Manhattan/Bronx) released the following statement:

“I stand here today, as a proud immigrant and life-long civil rights advocate. Through the years, we have fought to protect minorities and immigrants from discrimination. Today, we rise in support of the modern-day civil rights movement: the right of gay and lesbian New Yorkers to be with the person they love.

June 24, 2011

Newsday: Sen. Espaillat talks about lawmakers and activists suffering from 'Albany Fatigue', calls on Republicans to bring the major issues to a vote

'Frankly, it's very scary'

By Yancey Roy

June 24, 2011

For about four hours now, rank-and-file lawmakers have just been milling around and waiting while backroom negotiations continue on the major bills at the end of the legislative session. Activists on either side of the same-sex marriage issue have been shooed out of the State Senate chamber but have taken to shouting at legislators from behind the glass doors. In general, aggravation is rising.

“You walk the hallways and I’ve been here 14 years and I haven’t seen the levels of anxiety and passion,” Sen. Adriano Espaillat (D-Manhattan) said, “and frankly, it’s very scary.”

June 24, 2011

YNN State of Politics: Sen. Espaillat, Sen. Krueger and Sen. Gianaris call on the Senate Republicans to take up bills passed by the Assembly; Sen. Espaillat says it is dangerous to play games with people around Same Sex Marriage and Rent

Senate Dems Show Frustration

By Liz Benjamin

June 24, 2011

Senators Mike Gianaris, Liz Krueger, and Adriano Espaillat (who all have been tweeting up a storm trying to make several hashtags trend) held a press conference this morning to blast the lack of progress at the capitol.

“Unfortunately we have been here all week when were just supposed to be here on Monday. There are important issues to decide. We stand as a conference on the Democratic side ready to vote on all the issues of the day that have been outstanding all week. We cannot understand what the hold up is,” Gianaris said. ”

June 24, 2011

NY1 News: Sen. Espaillat calls on Senate Republicans to bring Rent Regs and Same Sex Marriage for a vote

State Lawmakers Head Back To Capitol; Same-Sex Marriage, Rent Regulations Await

By NY1 News

The waiting game continues in Albany this afternoon as several pieces of pressing legislation, including rent regulations and a possible vote on same-sex marriage, remain up in the air.

The State Senate adjourned just before 11 p.m. yesterday following a marathon session...

..."We should give New Yorkers closure on this. There should be an answer on marriage. Five extenders on rent and last night they didn't even bring up an extender. Quietly in the middle of the night, with troopers in the galleries and people passionate on both sides, they quietly scooted out of the chambers," said State Senator Adriano Espaillat.

June 24, 2011

Riverdale Press: Sen. Espaillat Calls the Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011 "A Strong Start"

Ethics Bill Not The Whole Package, Says Pol

June 15, 2011

By Adam Wisnieski

It’s not perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction.

That was the general reaction from local elected officials on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 113-page ethics bill, which passed the Senate and Assembly on Monday.

June 17, 2011

NY Daily News: Sen. Espaillat and Upper Manhattan Elected Officials Call for More Police In Parks

More Police Needed to Keep Upper Manhattan Residents Safe After Rash of Sexual Attacks

By Albor Ruiz

June 15, 2011

These days a walk in the park is no walk in the park for residents of northern Manhattan, especially women.

In what seems like a throwback to the bad old days, violent crime has made a comeback, spreading fear in the Washington Heights and Inwood communities.

Three sexual assaults took place in as many days in the area, last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Two of the women were attacked in the Bennett Ave. area, a short distance from the 34th Precinct stationhouse. The third was assaulted in Inwood Hill Park, where three other women have also been victims of sexual predators in the last 16 months.

Residents are rightfully alarmed and, along with elected officials, have mobilized to combat this crime wave in which women have become the targets of choice. They are calling on the NYPD to do whatever it takes to restore safety to their community.

"We will not simply sit back and watch crime return to northern Manhattan," said state Senator Adriano Espaillat.

June 17, 2011

NBC: Bill by Sen. Espaillat will increase penalties on those who sell 'nutcracker' drinks

Pols Want to Clamp Down on Sugary Booze Sales to Minors

June 8, 2011

By Zachary Kussin

Bodegas and stores that sell a sweetened alcoholic beverage known as "nutcrackers" to underage customers could soon face tough penalties --including fines and jail time.

The so-called "Nutcracker Bill," which unanimously passed a vote in the New York State Senate on Monday, comes after investigators found that barbershops and small grocery stores around the five boroughs had been selling the mixed drinks to minors.

The drinks are generally made of hard liquor, like vodka or rum, and highly sweetened juice or Kool-Aid. The beverages seem to be especially targeted to teens because they are cheap and sugary.

June 17, 2011

Gothamist: Sen. Espaillat's legislation to curb illegal sales of 'nutcracker' drinks to minors as summer approaches

"Nutcracker Bill" Takes Aim At Boozy Barbershops

June 7,2011

By Garth Johnson

With the summer heat starting to settle in, thirsty minors looking for a buzz are once again turning their attention to Nutcrackers—a sweet homemade cocktail illegally sold to legal and underage drinkers on the street, in bodegas and in barbershops—much to the chagrin of lawmakers and police. And Albany will not let that stand. Yesterday the State Senate passed a so-called "Nutcracker Bill" that will greatly increase the punishments for Nutcracker peddlers, assuming it passes in the Assembly.

June 17, 2011

Manhattan Times: Senator Espaillat recalls life under Trujillo

Fifty Years After His Death, Does Trujillo Still Matter?

By John Gutierrez

June 07, 2011

Santiago de los Caballeros is the Dominican Republic’s “second-city” and it was here that a soon-to-be seven-year-old boy named Adriano Espaillat learned that Trujillo had died. Looking back, Espaillat, now a New York State Senator, still remembers the planes that would fly over his town dropping propaganda leaflets extolling Trujillo.

June 17, 2011

As Rent Regulations Expire, Senator Espaillat Denounces Political Gamesmanship With Lives of Millions of New Yorkers


Senator Espaillat Calls for Immediate Passage of Legislation to Extend and Strengthen Rent Regulations

June 16, 2011

Senator Espaillat: Governor Right to Keep Legislators in Albany Until Rent Gets Done

 With New York’s rent laws expiring at midnight, Gov. Cuomo reiterates need to extend and strengthen rent regulations

June 15, 2011

NY Times: Sen. Espaillat with Minority Leader Sampson continue the fight to strengthen rent laws

State Lawmakers Argue Over Rent Laws as Deadline Looms


Published: June 14, 2011

 Lawmakers accused Republicans of trying the same move this year. “This is an end-around to try to skip town,” said Senator Adriano Espaillat of Manhattan, the senior Democrat on the Senate housing committee. “We’ve seen it before. We’re not going to be fooled by it. We know what it is. It’s a cheap trick.”

June 15, 2011