Andrea Stewart-Cousins's posts related to Education

Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins Meeting with Young Constituents of Reform Jewish Voice of NYS

Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins encourages the youth to speak on issues they are concerned about and took some time off her busy schedule to meet with some of her young constituents who were visiting Albany following a weekend-long educational program run by the North American Federation of Temple Youth and Reform Jewish Voice of NY. At the meeting, they discussed a variety of important topics including reproductive rights, LGBT eqaulity, economic justice and immigration reform. 

Press Release: Statement From Senate Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins On The Common Core Curriculum

“It is clear from today’s Senate hearing that there are serious concerns about the Common Core curriculum, which is why I have been calling for a moratorium on the consequences for Common Core. There is overwhelming evidence that we are moving at too fast a pace and not giving our teachers and students proper training in these new principles. While the goals of Common Core are commendable and the methods to implement those goals are innovative, the fact remains that this new curriculum is untested and not performing adequately.


Press Release: Citing Frustration over Common Core Implementation, Senator Stewart-Cousins Will Vote Against Incumbent Regents

Albany, NY - Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins announced she will be voting against four incumbent members of the Board of Regents that are up for re-confirmation by the State legislature this year. The Senator cited the anger and frustration of parents with the Regents’ handling of the Common Core roll-out and the need for accountability as reasons for her vote against the four incumbents.


In the News: Stewart-Cousins, Breslin and Tkaczyk Push For School Funding (Source: Times Union)

As Legislative leaders met again with Gov. Andrew Cuomo this morning to resolve the details of next year’s state budget, those not in the room continue to make their fervent wishes known.

To that end, state Senate Minority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, sens. Neil Breslin and Cecilia Tkaczyk and a five other Democrats have written to leadership and Gov. Cuomo urging them to include more funding for education in the final pact — especially for struggling upstate rural and small city school districts.


In the News: Statement from Senate Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins to Yonkers City Council and Education Committee (Source: Yonkers Tribune)

Yonkers, NY - “There have been serious lapses of fiscal transparency and accountability within the City of Yonkers school system which must be remedied and reformed. As a representative of the City of Yonkers, I reiterate my call to give the community, parents and stakeholders an opportunity to be part of the process and discussion.


White Plains PTA Council Annual Free Book Celebration

To help celebrate children's literacy, Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins participated in the White Plains PTA Council Annual Free Book Celebration on Saturday, May 3rd held at the Eastview Middle School by helping give away books to children. Also at the event pitching were Mayor Tom Roach, State Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, State Assemblyman David Buchwald, and County Legislator Ben Boykin.

Press Release: Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins Announces Funding Increase to Support Special Education Providers

Yonkers, NY - State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, the Democratic Conference Leader, today announced along with Governor Andrew Cuomo that special education providers in the 35th State Senate District are among those statewide who will be getting a 3.8% increase in reimbursement rates. These schools, a majority of which are located within Westchester County, serve the diverse and complex needs of students outside of the traditional school settings. These students need assistance due to emotional or physical disabilities, mental health, substance abuse, or trauma, or because of their involvement with the juvenile justice, social service or child welfare system.


Wiley Christian Academy Graduation Commencement

The Wiley Christian Academy located in Yonkers, NY held its first Graduation Commencement Exercise on Sunday, June 8th where Senator Stewart-Cousins spoke words of encouragement to the 19 kindergarten students graduating from the academy and their family members. 

Andalusia School 8th & 12th Grade Graduation Ceremony

Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins attended the Andalusia School 8th & 12th Grade Graduation Ceremony on the evening of Wednesday, June 22nd to remind the students about the importance of education and how far they all have come. Located in Yonkers, the mission of the Adalusia School is "to nurture confident and committed Muslim youth who will draw upon the Qur’an and Sunnah to achieve moral, spiritual, and material excellence in all fields of endeavor". Also at the graduation was Assemblymember Shelly Mayer.

Summer Justice Academy For Young Women

As a way to encourage more women to pursue a career in public policy, Senator Stewart-Cousins has made it a tradition to attend the Summer Justice Academy for Young Women to speak to high school girls about her role as a State Senator and Democratic Conference Leader, discussing how they can change so many lives in the role and what they can do now to start preparing.