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Press Release: Senate Democratic Conference Release Minimum Wage Report And Push For Local Minimum Wage Option

Albany, NY - The Senate Democratic Conference today released a comprehensive report detailing the economic benefits New York State would receive from authorizing a minimum wage local option. The Senate Democratic Conference also urged for immediate passage of legislation that would allow local governments to raise the minimum wage within their municipalities.


Statement from Senate Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins on the Minimum Wage

“Minimum wage earners throughout New York State continue to struggle to make ends meet and lift themselves and their families out of poverty. Though our lowest paid workers will get a small wage increase today​ they will not reach a scheduled $9.00​ per hour until New Year’s Day 2016. New York​ could and should do better. The Senate Democratic Conference will continue to fight for a real minimum wage increase.​"



Press Release: Senate Democratic Conference Announces “Fair New York” Plan With Major Help For Minimum Wage Workers

Create Up to 20,000 Affordable Units of Housing, Over 150,000 Thousand Jobs and Rebuilds Crumbling Infrastructure

Albany, NY - Leading up to budget negotiations, the Senate Democratic Conference today urged the state to act on “Fair New York,” an investment plan for the state’s projected $5.1 billion surplus that focuses on stimulating future economic growth by creating good jobs and making New York State a more affordable place to live and do business.  The plan makes significant one-time investments across New York State in affordable housing, transportation and education infrastructure, environmental protections and improvements and significant tax relief rebates for low-wage individuals and families.


Statement From Senate Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins on Minimum Wage

“As more and more items are being removed from this year’s State Budget, I am especially concerned that efforts to increase the minimum wage seemed to have stalled. Now is the time to help the hard working men and women who are struggling because of our already inadequately low minimum wage. We cannot miss another opportunity to help lift over 1.1 million New Yorkers out of poverty, and finally pass a meaningful minimum wage increase with indexing."


The Fight for $15: A Step in the Right Direction Following Minimum Wage Increase for Fast Food Worker

(New York City - July 22nd) Senate Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins joined her colleagues in government including Governor Cuomo at a rally with fast food workers on July 22nd, as they celebrated the New York State Wage Board's decision to raise the minimum wage for fast food workers in New York City to $15/hour by 2018. The Governor established the Wage Board this year, which issued its recommendations to the cheers of the crowd. "The Wage Board's recommendations are a good first step," said Senator Stewart-Cousins, "but we need to ensure the minimum wage for all New Yorkers is also raised." The Senate Democrats that she leads have been calling for a higher minimum wage ever since the half-measure increase was passed by the legislature three years ago.

CWA Rally For A Fair Contract

(New York City - July 25th) Senate Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins joined her brothers and sisters of labor, members of the Communications Workers of America union, during a rally in New York City in support of a fair contract with Verizon in the multi-state region. View. 

Senator Stewart-Cousing Standing with Members of 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East

(Yonkers - August 21st) Senator Stewart-Cousins stood with her brothers and sisters in labor, members of‪#‎1199SEIU‬ United Healthcare Workers East who work at the Michael Malotz Skilled Nursing Facility in Yonkers, to announce a contract deal that keeps these union workers in place at the facility, and allows the sale of the nursing home from St. John's Riverside Hospital to Adira Rehabilitation to move ahead.