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Westchester News Online:Two Westchester Leaders Among Those Chosen For State Mandate Relief Team

State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D-Yonkers 35th District) and William Mooney, President of the Westchester County Association are among several leaders and officials from Westchester and the Hudson Valley named to Governor Andrew Cuomo's new "Mandate Relief Design Team."

The concept of the team was unveiled during the Governor's State of the State address earlier this week and it is tasked with reviewing existing unfunded and under-funded mandates imposed by New York State on school districts, local governments and other local taxing districts...

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Westchester News Online - (January 08, 2011)


Senator Stewart-Cousins Appointed to Gov. Cuomo’s Mandate Relief Redesign Team

(Westchester, NY) –  Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins was appointed to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Mandate Relief Redesign Team, joining a group of twenty three business, government, education and labor leaders from across the State of New York. The Commission, created by Executive Order and announced in Governor Cuomo’s State of the State Address last Wednesday, will explore the numerous unfunded or underfunded state mandates on local governments and school districts and determine which are ineffective, wasteful or outdated. The initial recommendations of the Mandate Relief Redesign Team are due to the Governor by March 1st, 2011, but the Team will continue its review until the end of Fiscal Year 2011- 2012 . 


Bill to Allow E-Filing of Real Property Documents Passes Senate

Sponsored By Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins

Improves Government Efficiency; Saves Taxpayer Dollars

(Albany)- The New York State Senate unamimously passed legislation on March 22, sponsored by Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (35th District- D/WF/I), which would modernize County Clerk offices throughout the State by allowing real property transactions to be filed electronically. Supported by the New York State Association of County Clerks, the bill (S. 2373) would provide filers with the convenient option of submitting real property documents, such as mortgage deeds or easements, online. This would allow County Clerk to operate more efficiently, reduce paper usage; streamline storage and retrieval capabilities and enhance the accuracy and speed of the filing process, all of which will ultimately save taxpayer dollars.


Senator Stewart-Cousins Unveils Mandate Relief Package

Bills Aim to Provide Cost-Savings to Local Governments and Taxpayers

(Albany)- State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D/I/WF – 35th District), Ranking Minority Member of the Local Government Committee and Member of the Governor’s Mandate Relief Redesign Team, announced the introduction of five measures and passage of one bill to provide localities with mandate relief which will result in cost savings to taxpayers.


Senator Stewart-Cousins Proposes Dissolving 118 Defunct Public Authorities

Legislation Cuts Wasteful Government Agencies and Increases Efficiency

(Albany)- Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (35th District- D/WF/I), ranking member of the Senate’s Local Government Committee, is urging passage of legislation (S.2845), which she sponsors, that would eliminate 118 inactive or defunct public authorities and agencies around the state.


Senator Stewart-Cousins and Assemblyman Pretlow Pass Legislation to Save Money for Westchester Taxpayers

(Albany) – The New York State Legislature passed legislation, sponsored by Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D/I/WF- 35th District) and Assemblyman Gary Pretlow (D- 87th District), which allows Westchester County to finance their 2010 Early Retirement Incentive payments. This will provide immediate relief to the county budget and save taxpayer dollars in the long term.


Mandate Relief Bill Sponsored By Senator Stewart-Cousins Approved by Senate

Saves Taxpayer Money and Increases Flexibility for Local Governments

(Albany) - A mandate relief bill sponsored by Senator Stewart-Cousins was approved by the State Senate Wednesday. Senate bill 6634A would extend the repayment terms of short term loans issued to local governments in 2007 and 2008 -- the beginning of the economic downturn. The repayment terms would be extended from five to seven years, which will save local governments hundreds of thousands of dollars over the two year period.


Senator's Mandate Relief Bill Signed Into Law

A mandate relief bill sponsored by Senator Stewart-Cousins and Assemblyman George Latimer was signed into law by Governor Cuomo. Senate bill 6634-A/Assembly bill 9570-A will allow local governments more flexibility with financing and save taxpayer dollars.

"This new law gives local governments around New York State more flexibility to deal with their expenses," said Senator Stewart-Cousins, ranking member of the Senate Local Government Committee. "Many cash-strapped municipalities are struggling with budget deficits and this bill will allow them to save money and help cover the costs of government without passing the burden on to the taxpayers."


Edgemont Mandate Relief Committee Lobbies Senator on Behalf of School District

Senator Stewart-Cousins met with members of the Edgemont Mandate Relief Advocacy Committee at the Seely Place Elementary School in Edgemont. The group handed the Senator approximately 400 letters -- all signed by residents of Edgemont -- which called for the passage of four specific mandate relief proposals that will save school districts and taxpayers money. The recently-created grassroots committee formed to advocate on behalf of the Edgemont School District for relief from unfunded state mandates. In addition to lobbying State elected officials, the EMRAC also submitted their proposals to the Mandate Relief Council. At the meeting, Senator Stewart-Cousins reiterated her commitment to passing meaningful mandate relief for school districts and local governments and promised to work with the committee on these issues moving forward.

LWV of the Rivertowns - Meet Your Elected Officials Event, April 28th (Source: River Journal Online)

Source: River Journal Online

Get involved in our democratic process and stay involved! This was the main theme of two speakers at the Rivertown League's recent event, "Meet your Elected Officials", graciously hosted by Monica Getz at her Tarrytown home this past Sunday, April 28.