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Mandate Relief Bill Sponsored By Senator Stewart-Cousins Approved by Senate

Saves Taxpayer Money and Increases Flexibility for Local Governments

(Albany) - A mandate relief bill sponsored by Senator Stewart-Cousins was approved by the State Senate Wednesday. Senate bill 6634A would extend the repayment terms of short term loans issued to local governments in 2007 and 2008 -- the beginning of the economic downturn. The repayment terms would be extended from five to seven years, which will save local governments hundreds of thousands of dollars over the two year period.


Leader Stewart-Cousins Secures $250,000 Grant for Parking Spaces at Tarrytown Train Station

Albany, NY - Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins secured a $250,000 grant for the Village of Tarrytown this week to support a parking lot project near the Tarrytown train station.

The grant will reimburse the village for 167 parking spaces built in 2011 on the west side of the tracks near the station.

The grant came from unused transportation funds, known as multi modal funds, awarded to the Village of Tarrytown in 1999 for a separate project.


Land Acquired to Decrease Danger at Greenburgh Intersection (Source: Daily Voice)

Source: Daily Voice

Last week, the New York State Senate and Assembly passed bills authorizing Westchester County to transfer approximately six-tenths of an acre of parkland on the north border of Sprain Ridge Park to the town of Greenburgh for the purpose of making needed safety improvements to the section of Jackson Avenue from the Park entrance to the intersection with North Sprain Road.


Tarrytown Gets Grant for Train Station (Source: Tarrytown-Sleepy Hollow Patch)

Source: Tarrytown-Sleepy Hollow Patch

The Village of Tarrytown will be reimbursed $250,000 for building 167 parking spaces at the Tarrytown train station in 2011.

The funding comes from unused multi modal transportation funds that were awarded to the Village in 1999 for a separate project. New York State Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins asked for authorization to use the funds after recognizing the need for further parking at the Tarrytown train station.


Safety Improvements to Jackson Ave.

Leader Stewart-Cousins announced the passage of a legislation today which would allow a much needed safety improvement to Jackson Ave. in Greenburgh to move forward, "I was pleased to sponsor this bill and ensure its passage in the New York State Senate. With over 80 accidents and two deaths reported at Jackson Ave. and North Sprain Road in the last three years, it is clear that something must be done to protect residents and motorist. This is not just a matter of improving Jackson Ave., it is a matter of public safety and I was happy to play a role in moving the project forward.