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Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins Speaking on 2014 Women of Distinction Resolution

On May 13th, the Senate passed a resolution congratulating the 2014 Women of Distinction in honor of Women's History Month. Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, who is the sponsor of the resolution, spoke in honor of these accomplished women, saying, "Today is one of those days that we get to celebrate women... who inspire women of the future." Leader Stewart-Cousins then cited several women from New York State whose past accomplishments paved the way for women today, women like Sojourner Truth, Hillary Clinton, Sonya Sotomayor and Eleanor Roosevelt. The Senator thanked those present for being part of this great celebration and concluded, "Let's make sure we uplift, honor and applaud these women."

Stewart-Cousins Featured in National ‘Fair Shot’ Campaign

Source: Albany Watch

Senate Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins’ story is featured prominently in a national campaign aimed at increasing awareness around various women’s issues.


Scarsdale Women's Club Meeting

(Scarsdale - November 12th) Today, the Senator was the guest speaker at the Scarsdale Woman's Club, addressing issues of interest including the Women's Equality Act and her role as the Democratic Conference Leader. The members include some of her constituents in Scarsdale, Greenburgh, White Plains and Yonkers. They also asked questions about the tax cap's impact on capital improvements in school districts, legalizing marijuana, fracking, and even whether or not she thinks we will ever see a woman President ? "Yes," the Senator answered, "And hopefully one who lives nearby."

Statement From Senate Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins on the Women's Equality Act

Today’s legislative maneuvering is clearly a political ploy by the Senate Republicans. To once again reject the full Women’s Equality Act is deeply disturbing. Let us remember that the final point is simply codifying current federal law  into New York State law and saying anything to the contrary is a deliberate distraction from their extremist anti-choice views. Women’s health should never be a partisan issue. In 1970, a dozen Senate Republicans joined with their Democratic colleagues to address reproductive rights in New York State. It is troubling that today’s Republican conference has once again proven that they are all against women’s reproductive rights.

Family Planning Advocates Rally

(Albany - January 26th) State Senator and Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins has dedicated her career to promote the health of women and their families and to secure access to confidential, quality reproductive health care for all New Yorkers. So, it was no surprise as she stood beside many of her colleagues from the New York State Assembly and Senate including Senators Liz Kreuger, Brad Hoylman and Toby Stavisky, in support of members of the Family Planning Advocates who continue to fight to ensure that women’s health, safety and equality be protected by state law.