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Bill Perkins Introduces Legislation Requiring Insurance Providers To Cover Preventive Screenings For Colon Cancer

In recognition of National Minority Cancer Awareness Week, State Senator Bill Perkins today announced that he has introduced legislation (S4450) to require insurance providers to provide diagnostic screenings for colorectal cancer (commonly referred to as “colon cancer”).

May 7, 2007

Sen. Bill Perkins Demands Immediate City And State Action To Stop Placing Homeless Children In Homes With Serious Lead Hazard

Joined by community, housing, health and environmental leaders, State Sen. Bill Perkins (D - Harlem), today demanded immediate action by the City and State to improve the oversight and administration of the city’s Housing Stability Plus (HSP) program to insure that homeless children are no longer placed by the city into homes with serious lead hazards, resulting in the poisoning of children. Lead poisoning in children is preventable, but not curable.

January 22, 2007
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