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August 1, 2007

Senator Perkins Asks Constituents To Help The Secure The Call Foundation Give New Life To Old Cell Phones

State Senator Bill Perkins (D-Harlem) believes that the nation’s 45 million old cell phones can serve an important purpose when retooled as emergency phones for those who would be in need of its services.To that end, Senator Perkins urged his constituents to donate unused phones and batteries to the Secure the Call Foundation. "As an owner of a cell phone, I rely on it to help me stay in touch with my colleagues in the Senate as well as what’s going on in my district," he said. "I also know that it’s an important tool to have in the event of an emergency.

July 17, 2007

Timing Of Review Of Harlem's Expansion Plan Irks Board

More than three years in the making, the city is moving forward on Columbia University's proposed 17-acre campus expansion into West Harlem.

June 5, 2007

Senator Perkins Responds To Governor Choide For Newly Formed Higher Education Commission.

ALBANY — Governor Spitzer is facing criticism from African-American leaders questioning his decision to appoint a former top Giuliani aide once accused of making a racist remark to a newly formed state higher education commission.Among the 28 members of the commission is John Dyson, a wealthy businessman and a creator of the "I Love NY" ad campaign who served as deputy mayor for finance and economic development from 1994–96.In 1994, Mr.

June 1, 2007

Senator Perkins Attends Unveiling Of $11 Million Schomburg Center For Research In Black Culture Renovation.

It was a great day in Harlem. The brass band played as the sun majestically shone down from a boundless sky. The poets interpreted, as the wind whispered to the waving tree that would one day grow big and strong and tower like a Watusi guard in front of the newly renovated "Center of Knowledge on the Global Black Experience." The talking drums beat out the news, carrying the message from beneath the new steel-gray, glass façade of the entrance at 515 Lenox Avenue, up to 136th Street, and then vibrating back to 135th Street.

May 29, 2007

Senate Minority Unveils "Green Apple Initiative," Seeks To Tackle Air Pollution, Clean Up Brownfields, Halt Suburban Sprawl And Preserve The Wetlands That Keep Our Drinking Waterways Safe For Recreational Use

The New York State Senate Minority Conference today announced their "Green Apple Initiative" to protect New York's environment. Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith (D-Queens) said the measures are "an important part of our '9 to 5 Agenda' to help families live, grow, work and thrive in the Empire State."

May 16, 2007

Bill Perkins Introduces Legislation Requiring Insurance Providers To Cover Preventive Screenings For Colon Cancer

In recognition of National Minority Cancer Awareness Week, State Senator Bill Perkins today announced that he has introduced legislation (S4450) to require insurance providers to provide diagnostic screenings for colorectal cancer (commonly referred to as “colon cancer”).

May 7, 2007

Sen. Bill Perkins Demands Immediate City And State Action To Stop Placing Homeless Children In Homes With Serious Lead Hazard

Joined by community, housing, health and environmental leaders, State Sen. Bill Perkins (D - Harlem), today demanded immediate action by the City and State to improve the oversight and administration of the city’s Housing Stability Plus (HSP) program to insure that homeless children are no longer placed by the city into homes with serious lead hazards, resulting in the poisoning of children. Lead poisoning in children is preventable, but not curable.

January 22, 2007
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