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Senator Bill Perkins’ Thoughts On Enhancing New York’s Rent Regulations

The New York rent regulation laws protect the security of over one million household, which contributes a lot protecting the economic vitality of the region.  To allow these protections to lapse, eliminating our major source of affordable housing would mean certain disaster. Disaster has happened before and it can happen here, unless we work to avoid what’s obvious.


Senator Perkins Stands Up with Colleagues to Advocate for Rent Regulation

On Wednesday, April 13, 2011 Senator Perkins held a press conference with Senate and Assembly colleagues to advocate for the continuation of rent regualtion in order to help protect over 2,000,000 New Yorkers.


Senator Perkins Urges Governor to Protect Tenants

News from ……                Senator Bill PerkinsFor Immediate Release: April 28, 2011Contact: Cordell Cleare 212 -222-7315

Senator Perkins Urges Governor to Protect TenantsSenator Bill Perkins, (D) 30th District Urges Governor to be a Real Reformer


Senator Bill Perkins at Rent Regulation Rally

Senator Bill Perkins, joined advocates and other elected officials, speaks at Rent Regulation Rally in support of Real Rent Reform.

Senator Perkins Stands Up for Tenants

On Monday, June 13th 2011 Senator Perkins produly stood in unity with many tenants and tenant rights advocates outside the Governor's office to fight for real rent reform. Shortly thereafter, many individuals including Senator Perkins, were arrested on the charge of disorderly conduct.

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