Bill Perkins's posts related to Mta (Metropolitan Transportation Authority)

The Second Avenue Subway Construction (Part 1)

On November 30, 2010 Chairman Bill Perkins and the Senate Standing Committee on Corporations, Authorities and Commission hosted a public hearing at 250 Broadway in New York City. The subject of the hearing was construction of the Second Avenue Subway.

NYC Storm Clean-Up

State Senator Bill Perkins is conducting a survey to find out your thoughts about the NYC Storm Clean-Up.

Rat Attack!

Although the constituents in the 30th senatorial district vary ethnically, culturally and economically, they all encounter the same chronic rat problem whenever they use the subway system.  Most people have a visceral reaction to rats, but that alone is not why we must make every effort to rid them from our subways. 

Perkins, Rat Report_OfficeFinal.pdf