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New York Daily News: Openly gay state senator introduces bill to ban conversion therapy for people under 18

April 27, 2013 : By Kenneth LovettALBANY - The state Senate’s only openly gay lawmaker wants to outlaw a controversial therapy that attempts to make gay youth straight.Legislation introduced Friday by Sen. Brad Hoylman (D-Manhattan) would bar mental health providers from trying to change the sexual orientation of anyone under the age of 18.If enacted, a licensed mental health provider who ignored the law would be cited for unprofessional conduct and subject to licensing sanctions.


NYS Senator Hoylman Cites New Evidence Showing Economic Impact of Discrimination Against Transgender New Yorkers

Albany, NY (May 8, 2013) – State Senator Brad Hoylman (D, WFP – Manhattan) hailed an economic impact study released yesterday by a UCLA Law School think tank showing that employment and housing discrimination against transgender individuals costs New York millions of dollars annually as strong new evidence for Senate passage of the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act, or GENDA (S195/Squadron – A4226/Gottfried). GENDA would prohibit this kind of discrimination against transgender New Yorkers.


Metro: Transgender discrimination costs New York millions: Report

May 8, 2013 : By Alison BowenDiscrimination against transgender people is costing New York millions, according to a new report.The study, released yesterday by the UCLA’s Williams Institute, says that housing and employment discrimination cost the state millions of dollars as people lean on public assistance instead.According to the study, workplace discrimination could cost the state about $7 million each year.The report estimates about 58,000 New Yorkers are transgender and said 59 percent are covered under local anti-discrimination statutes.


Senator Hoylman Joins GENDA Sponsor Squadron in Urging Immediate Senate Action on Bill Following Anti-LGBT Attacks

GENDA Would Expand Hate Crimes Law to Include Crimes Against Transgender New Yorkers, Prohibit Discrimination Based on Gender Expression or Identity

ALBANY -- State Senator Daniel Squadron, the Senate sponsor of the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA), is urging immediate Senate passage of his legislation following a spate of anti-LGBT attacks around New York.


Statement by NYS Senator Hoylman on Continuation of BSA’s Discrimination Policy Against Gay & Lesbian Scout Leaders

**Introduces Bill (S.5170) that Would End Tax Exempt Status forDiscriminatory Youth Organizations Like the Scouts


Statement by State Senator Hoylman on Supreme Court Decision Striking Down Federal Defense of Marriage Act

“This is a great day for all LGBT families, like mine.“With the decision today to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act, Edie Windsor and her late wife Thea Syper, have joined the pantheon of civil rights heroes. History will inscribe their names alongside the likes of King, Parks, Marshall, Anthony and Milk.“I am so grateful for the courage of Edie and her brilliant attorney, Roberta Kaplan, to take on this discriminatory federal policy.“As we celebrate, we must continue to fight to ensure that the decisions reached today are used to remove bigotry and hate from all of our nation’s laws, and bring full equality to the 37 states that still treat LGBT families as second-class citizens.”