Brian X. Foley's posts related to Domestic Violence

Statement: Expulsion of Sen. Monserrate

State Senator Brian X. Foley (D – Blue Point) released the following statement regarding the vote last night to expel Senator Hiram Monserrate (D-Queens):

“Last night the senate took historic action to remove Senator Monserrate from the chamber.  I have spoken about the need for this action since his conviction on misdemeanor assault charges related to an incident of domestic violence.  While it may seem drastic to some, Senator Monserrate’s expulsion was necessary because of the totality of his actions.


Why I Sponsored a Resolution Expelling Sen. Monserrate

I wanted to share with you a recent column I wrote for the Huffington Post, a nationally read newsblog, explaining why I am pushing to expel Sen. Hiram Monserrate from the New York State Senate. You can read my post by visiting the Huffington Post website ( or simply scrolling down.


Sen. Foley Acts to Protect Domestic Violence Victims and Preserve their Right to Vote

The New York State Senate passed an important bill sponsored by Senator Brian X. Foley (D – Blue Point) that allows victims of domestic violence to have their addresses sealed. Sen. Foley’s bill (S. 5945) addresses a flaw in the election law that mandates boards of elections to disclose a voter’s address to anyone requesting that information.


NYS Senator Foley after passage of election registration confidentiality legislation

March 1, 2010: New York State Senator Brian X. Foley comments on Senate Bill 5945, which authorizes courts to order the confidentiality of election registration records of a victim of domestic violence. The bill passed by a 57-0 vote.

Senator Foley Protects Victims of Domestic Violence

Legislation sponsored by Senator Brian X. Foley (D – Blue Point) aimed at protecting the rights and security of victims of domestic violence has been signed into law by Governor Paterson.

The new law allows victims of domestic violence to request a court order that requires the Board of Elections to keep their registration records confidential. This means that victims will be afforded an added layer of protection in keeping their new address out of the hands of their abusers.