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The Mortgage Foreclosure Crisis

One of the issues that I began to see hitting a tipping point during the time I was running for the Senate two years ago was the mortgage foreclosure situation. In the time since then, it has shifted from reaching a tipping point to outright crisis. My office receives calls on a daily basis from individuals who are fighting to save their homes. Fortunately, we have been able to help many of these residents.



New Foreclosure Law to Save Homes and Preserve Neighborhoods

Sweeping foreclosure regulations to finish going into effect April 15

Law will require banks to maintain foreclosed properties and make it easier for homeowners to avoid foreclosure


Senator Foley Unveils Major Initiative to Take On Foreclosure Crisis


Announces $50,000 grant to create Foreclosure & Bankruptcy Clinic at Touro Law Center

CENTRAL ISLIP, NY – Senator Brian X. Foley (D – Blue Point) was joined by administrators from the Touro Law Center and community leaders as he helped launch a major initiative to take on the foreclosure crisis in Suffolk County. Foley announced that he has successfully secured a $50,000 grant to create the Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Law Clinic at Touro Law Center.