Brian X. Foley's posts related to Government Operations

Sen. Foley is Joined by Community Leaders in an Effort to Increase Participation in 2010 Census

Civic leaders and activists from local communities in Suffolk County joined Senator Brian X. Foley (D – Blue Point) as he called for increased participation in the U.S Census. The 2010 Census awareness event, which took place at the Brentwood Public Library, was centered around relaying the importance of Census participation and giving community members the tools necessary to educate their friends, family, and neighbors about the Census.  


Senator Foley Helps Bring New Light to State Government

As part of the ongoing effort to establish greater transparency and responsibility in state entities, Senator Brian X. Foley (D – Blue Point) supported the passage of two bills (Senate Bills 5585-C and 7369) that make information about state education boards more readily accessible to the public.

One of the top priorities of Senator Foley is providing the public with an open look into the operations of state government and its entities so taxpayers know how their dollars are being spent.


Senator Foley Listens to Testimony on Government Efficiency

Senator Foley took part in a hearing held by the Task Force on Government Efficiency held in Albany.

Senator Foley Holds Press Conference on Government Efficiency

Senator Foley joined Senators Klein and Savino in hosting a press conference to discuss government effiency.