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Senator Young: West Valley Contract Good First Step

State Senator Catharine Young (R,I,C-Olean) said that "a good first step" has been taken by the U.S. Department of Energy’s awarding of a partial cleanup contract at West Valley Demonstration Project (WVDP), but she urged DOE to put in place a plan that entirely cleans up the site for the sake of the community and the environment."Having the contract in place with this newly-formed company, West Valley Environmental Services, is a step forward because it’s a four-year agreement. We’ve been living with year-to-year contracts that have hindered long-term planning.

July 2, 2007

Farmers Refundable Tax Credit Passes Senate

ALBANY - A bill State Senator Catharine Young (R,I,C - Olean) sponsored to allow farmers to receive an investment tax credit (ITC) as a fully refundable credit has passed the State Senate and referred to the Assembly for consideration.

The bipartisan measure S.2036, provides that excess investment tax credit amounts may be refundable to operators of a farm operation.

"Given the enormous economic impact that agriculture has on the economy of this State, we must do everything we can to ensure that our farm operations are strong," said Senator Young.

June 21, 2007

Historic Preservation Loan Program Bill Passes Senate

ALBANY - A bill to establish a revolving loan fund for historic preservation projects has passed the Senate announced State Senator Catharine Young (R,I,C - Olean). The measure, sponsored by Senator Young was passed unanimously.The bill, S.406 directs the Commissioner of the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation to establish a historic preservation revolving loan fund."Many communities do not have the resources available to engage in the preservation of local historic sites," said Senator Young.

June 20, 2007

Senator Young Announces Funding For Girl Scouts Of Southwestern New York

The Girl Scouts of Southwestern New York will soon benefit from major upgrades to Camp Timbercrest in Randolph, thanks to a $150,000 grant obtained by State Senator Catharine Young (R,I,C-Olean). The money is being used for a full winterization and modernization of the facilities. Since its construction 40 years ago, Camp Timbercrest was never winterized and lacks modern bathroom facilities.

June 6, 2007

Senator Young Appointed To NYS Council On Food Policy

State Senator Cathy Young (R,I,C - Olean) today announced her appointment to the Statewide Council on Food Policy. The Council was created by Executive Order to coordinate policies to promote Agriculture, Health and Nutrition.The Council will make recommendations to the Governor on state regulations, legislation and budget proposals regarding food policy to ensure a coordinated and comprehensive inter-agency approach to state food policy issues.

May 31, 2007

Senate Passes Bill Expanding And Enhancing Dna Database

ALBANY - State Senator Cathy Young today voted for legislation that would expand the State’s DNA database to include samples from every person convicted of a crime. The bill will also improve the methods for collection and preservation of DNA evidence and extend the statute of limitations for cases based on DNA evidence.Last year the Senate achieved a historic expansion of the DNA databank with the enactment of a law which for the first time included samples from criminals convicted of all felonies and the most common misdemeanors.

May 22, 2007

Senate Delivers On Promise Of Relief To Dairy Farmers

Checks are in the mail to provide relief to New York’s strapped dairy farmers, thanks to a $30 million Dairy Assistance Program that was spearheaded and championed by the state Senate Republican Majority during this year’s state budget.

May 11, 2007

Senate Plan Would Double Senior Citizen Property Tax Rebates

State Senator Cathy Young (R,I,C - Olean) today announced a plan to double the size of direct property tax rebate checks for senior citizen homeowners. The Senate is introducing a bill that would return about $200 million to senior citizens. Funds for the increased senior rebate checks would come from higher-than-projected State revenues realized at end of the 2006-07 state fiscal year.The Senate budget proposed tripling property tax rebate checks for all homeowners, including seniors.

May 1, 2007

Senate Passes Domestic Violence Package

In observance of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, State Senator Cathy Young (R,I,C - Olean) and members of the New York State Senate today passed a comprehensive package of legislation aimed at protecting victims of domestic violence.Senate action on the legislation was announced at a Capitol news conference where members of the Senate Majority were joined by Mrs. New York State 2007 Lori Donaudy of Smithtown, Long Island. A former victim of domestic abuse, Lori’s platform as Mrs.

April 24, 2007

Senators Announce $30 Million In Relief To Dairy Farmers

Senator Cathy Young (R-C-I, Olean) and members of the Senate Majority Conference today joined with New York dairy farmers at the Hourigan Dairy in Elbridge, New York to publicly announce the approval of the Dairy Investment Act, a $30 million program included in the 2007-08 state budget that will provide direct and immediate financial relief to New York’s dairy farmers.For more information on the program,or to download the application, click the Dairy Investment Act link below.DAIRY INVESTMENT ACT<

April 1, 2007

Senator Young Passes Legislation To Combat Online Perverts

Predators webcasting sexual abuse over the Internet and those viewing and participating online would face severe penalties in New York State under a bill just passed by State Senator Catharine "Cathy" Young (R,I,C - Olean).The bill would establish the class B felony of promoting a sex offense for producing, directing or promoting any visual or audio representation, and establish the class C felony of knowingly possessing any such representation, and designates both such felonies as violent felony offenses.

March 21, 2007

Senator Young Pushes For Team Effort To Avoid More Flooding Mishaps

PORTVILLE - The flooding of a Portville senior citizen complex was "a catastrophe that never should happen again," said Senator Catharine Young (R,I,C-Olean).

"This incident underscores the need for emergency preparedness.

March 17, 2007

Senate Budget Provides $60 Million In Relief To Dairy Farmers

The State Senate Majority Conference today voted to approve a new budget proposal that would provide $60 million in immediate financial assistance to dairy farmers across the State.

March 12, 2007

Senator Young Announces Funding For Nunda Historical Society

The Nunda Historical Society’s headquarters will undergo renovations to allow for archive storage, a research library and room for additional educational programs, thanks to a $25,000 grant obtained by State Senator Cathy Young (R,I,C-Olean). The Nunda Historical Society was gifted their building in 1999. Renovations completed in the first few years have resulted in the building being used for history and musical programs, group meetings, public research, and other uses.

March 9, 2007

Senate Passes $6 Billion, Two Year Property Tax Relief Plan

The New York State Senate today passed a three part plan (S.1) to significantly expand the Senate-initiated property tax relief rebate program to provide $2.6 billion in property tax relief this year and $3.4 billion in 2008.The plan would triple the size of direct property tax rebate checks in the first year, give voters greater input on local property tax rates, and establish a Blue Ribbon Commission to make reforms to help reduce property taxes.A report commissioned by the Senate last year, conducted by Global Insights, found that local taxes per household in New York ($6

March 5, 2007

Senators Unveil Measures To Protect Children From Internet Predators, Child Pornography And Sexual Abuse

The internet poses huge threats to children if used improperly, and Senator Catharine Young has announced a package of bills to combat internet predators."The Internet has provided sexual predators with a worldwide forum where like-minded pedophiles have formed online communities which openly discuss and provide mutual support for their perverted philosophies and activities in anonymity," Senator Young said.

March 1, 2007

Senator Young Named To Serve On Seven Senate Committees; Announces Initiatives And Goals For 2007 Legislative Session

State Senator Cathy Young (R,I,C-Olean) has been re-appointed Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee."Agriculture still is the number one industry in our state and I am working to strengthen our farms. We are blessed with a rich variety of agriculture, ranging from wine and grapes to dairy, maple, apple and vegetables. There are exciting opportunities to grow the industry," Senator Young said.The outlook for New York agriculture indicates both promise and problems. "Agri-tourism and biofuels have great potential to build economic prosperity," Senator Young said.

February 14, 2007

Milk Monitoring

By MANLEY J. ANDERSON - Jamestown Post Journal

Statewide milk price hearings on critical issues facing the dairy industry concluded late Friday morning at Jamestown Community College with presentations by concerned speakers. The hearings were designated as a State Standing Committee on Agriculture public hearing and sponsored by state Sen. Catharine Young, (R) Olean, and chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture. The opening speaker was Dr.

February 12, 2007

Senate Unveils Higher Education Proposals

State Senator Cathy Young (R,I,C - Olean) and members of the Senate Majority today introduced a comprehensive package of proposals that would make obtaining a college education more affordable for New York’s students, help families with soaring tuition expenses, provide new incentives to college students to keep them living and working in New York when they graduate and recognize the sacrifices and service of our military personnel by making it easier for New York’s servicemen and women to attend college."Helping our young people obtain the education and skills necessary in order to

January 30, 2007

Senate Passes Budget Reform Legislation

State Senator Cathy Young (R,I,C - Olean) today announced that the New York State Senate today passed budget reform legislation to increase accountability, openness and transparency in the State budget process and help ensure passage of on-time budgets. The bill (S.1322) reflects an agreement among the Senate, Governor and Assembly.

Last month, the Senate proposed budget reforms that go beyond the agreed-upon bill.

January 29, 2007
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