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Tkaczyk Accepts Leadership Role on Important Senate Committees

State Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk (D-46th S.D.) has been appointed the Ranking Democratic Member on two legislative committees -- Elections and Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities. She will also serve as a member of four other Senate committees – Education, Agriculture, Environmental Conservation and Children and Families.


Senator Tkaczyk, Local Legislators, Parents and Advocates Call for Action to Save Vulnerable Public Schools

State Senators and Assemblymembers from the Capital Region today called for increased education aid to save public schools that have been pushed to the edge of insolvency by recent budget cuts. The elected officials noted public schools have absorbed $2.7 billion in budget cuts in 2010 and 2011. Those cuts were especially devastating for high needs districts, where the cuts per pupil were much higher than for high-wealth districts.


Jonah Goldstein, Matthew Creighton, Layla Yousef and Mallory Trainor from Farnsworth Middle School

Met four incredible students from Farnsworth Middle School in Guilderland who were in Albany to meet legislators and explain the importance of gifted and talented programs. From left to right, they are: Jonah Goldstein, Matthew Creighton, Layla Yousef and Mallory Trainor. Thanks to their teacher, Deborah Escobar, for her dedication and for introducing me to these truly impressive young people.

Students from Schalmont High School

Students from Schalmont High School stopped by the Capitol Wednesday to see and learn more about their State Government. A very bright and engaged group of future leaders.

Fianna Halloran, second grade student at Fonda-Fultonville

This is Fianna Halloran, second grade student at Fonda-Fultonville. She was selected to have her artwork displayed at the annual Legislative Art Show.

Legislators Hold Forum on Impact of Testing and Mandates on Public Schools

Teachers, parents, school superintendents and administrators from rural, urban and suburban school districts  provided testimony to state legislators today on the impact increased testing and new state and federal mandates are having on our public schools. 

The forum was organized by Assemblywoman Patricia Fahy and State Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk, both of whom are former school board presidents. They were joined by Democratic and Republican colleagues from the Senate and Assembly.

Testimony was presented on the effects testing can have on children’s emotional health, the loss of hours of instructional time, and the financial strain caused by testing and other mandates at a time when school districts’ budgets are stretched to the limit.


Sarah Jones

This is Sarah Jones from Guilderland High School, who recently visited me in the Capitol. Sarah was one of 51 students -- one from each State and the District of Columbia -- who wrote award-winning essays for the national World War II Museum's "Salute to Freedom" contest. She is quite an impressive young lady.

The WORLD CHAMPION Odyssey of the Mind Team from Hunter-Tannersville High School

This is the WORLD CHAMPION Odyssey of the Mind Team from Hunter-Tannersville High School -- Emily Farrell, Troy Bates, Dylan Endy, William Garrison and Neal Statts, along with their coaches Rich and Dawn Outtrim. Theirs is an incredible story of a small school in rural Greene County that defeated 47 teams – 39 from the US and eight from Singapore, South Korea, Mexico and Poland at the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals

Amsterdam Recorder: Tkaczyk pays visit to summer reading program


Recorder News Staff

A group of elementary-aged students received a visit from state Sen. Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk during their normally scheduled summer reading program Thursday morning.

As part of a resolution Tkaczyk brought to the Senate floor recently, she stopped into the Amsterdam Free Library to read the children a book written by a student from the capital district.

Most of the children were regulars to the summer reading program, even though they are still learning to read.

"Reading is something you have to learn to do, and when you have moms and dads read books to you, it all helps so it's great that you're here," Tkaczyk told the group.

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