Cecilia Tkaczyk's posts related to Veterans

Senator Tkaczyk Announces Veterans Credit for NY Civil Service Exams

State Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk today announced good news for Veterans -- the passage of legislation in the State Senate allowing veterans and disabled veterans credits to be added to civil service examination scores.

 “The military training our veterans receive provides valuable leadership skills and experiences that are highly desirable to any employer, including State and local governments,” Tkaczyk said. “So while this measure will help veterans, I believe it will also benefit our civil workforce.”


Canines Come to the Capitol to Support Tkaczyk’s “K9 Vets Day” Bill

(ALBANY- 3-13-2014) To mark the 72nd anniversary of the creation of  the US Army’s K9 Corps, Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk brought together police and service dogs, trainers, handlers and law enforcement officials to call for the establishment of March 13 as “K-9 Veterans Appreciation Day.”

“There are countless stories about Military and Police dogs knowingly putting themselves in the line of fire to protect their human partners,” Senator Tkaczyk said. “They have served as sentries and scouts,  on search and rescue missions and to locate explosive devices and subdue the enemy.  And they have provided great comfort and companionship to our soldiers. I think it is fitting that we honor them and recognize their devotion, loyalty and bravery.”