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Local pols react to Paterson reform proposals

State lawmakers representing Brooklyn hadmixed responses to Gov. David Paterson’s “State of the State” address, in which he set forth sweeping proposals to root out political corruption in state government...

Paterson also wants to set a single independent ethics commission in Albany charged with enforcing the state’s ethics and campaign finance laws.

The new commission would have the legal authority to refer criminal and civil cases to the attorney general.

Currently, the attorney general has limited jurisdiction over political corruption cases.

January 5, 2010

Ending the kindergarten shuffle, keeping continuity

By Daniel Squadron, Brian Kavanagh and Lisa Donlan

December 22, 2009

A drop of gas info could save gallons

By Daniel Squadron

This holiday season, millions of Americans will take to the road — and spend literally billions of dollars on fuel. We’ll be reminded once again that buying a car is not just a one-time expenditure. The cost adds up: a few more dollars every time you fill up at the pump.

Of course, it’s not just economics. Between global warming and the other negative effects of burning fuel, a growing number of consumers worry about the environmental impact as well.

December 16, 2009

LES schools land exemption from city-wide kindergarten rules

by Maura Walz

Lower East Side parents who want to ensure their pre-k students stay in the same school for kindergarten will now be able to do so, though a citywide policy bans schools from giving admissions preference to their own pre-k students.

Parents in Manhattan’s District 1 have been lobbying for the exemption for more than a year. The district’s parent council, elected officials and the Department of Education have hammered out a nearly-final deal, presented to parents at a public meeting last night.

December 9, 2009

Safety first (First Place, that is)!

By Gersh Kuntzman

Here she is, Smith Street pedestrians — your new crossing guard.

Veteran traffic-stopper Diana Williams has been reassigned to the block between First and Second places to handle an increase in pedestrian traffic since the closing of the southern exit to the F train’s Carroll Street station.

OK, maybe a new crossing guard isn’t a big deal to you, but it was to state Sen. Daniel Squadron (D–Brooklyn Heights), who got Williams assigned to the block.

December 9, 2009

Filling 'The Bruno Gap'

By Elizabeth Benjamin

Hoping to capitalize on the call for ethics reform that followed the guilty verdict in ex-Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno's trial, Sens. Dan Squadron and Eric Schneiderman are circulating a new bill to close what Squadron dubbed the "Bruno gap".

The bill, which comes on top of a comprehensive reform package already being negotiated between the Senate and Assembly, would "explicitly" prohibit mixing state business and private business...

December 9, 2009

Bruno Convictions May Spur Ethics Reform in Albany

By Karen DeWitt

Feature article on WNYC Radio

NEW YORK, NY December 09, 2009 —Albany may approve ethics reforms, now that former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno has been convicted on federal corruption charges. Karen DeWitt reports from Albany.

December 9, 2009

Conviction offers material for state ethics law reform

By James Odato

ALBANY — The conviction of former state Sen. Joseph L. Bruno gives several lawmakers and government reform advocates plenty of material as they seek ethics and disclosure law amendments, they said.

Even friends, who reacted Monday with disappointment over the conviction, noted the case has stirred an Albany debate on what part-time lawmakers can and cannot do to earn outside income.

December 8, 2009

Gay marriage shot down, despite Brooklyn support

By Thomas Tracy

The New York State Senate failed to hear the call for gay marriage last week despite a wave of support from the Brooklyn delegation and an impassioned speech from one usually soft-spoken borough legislator.

During Wednesday’s vote, the Senate shot down the Marriage Equity Bill 38 to 24.

Vote tallies show that seven of the nine Senators who represent the borough voted in favor of gay marriage. The two holdouts included Bay Ridge State Senator Marty Golden, a Republican, and State Senator Carl Kruger (D-Brighton Beach, Mill Basin).

December 7, 2009

In Albany, a Legislature Indifferent, if Not Averse, to Ethics Rules

By Danny Hakim

ALBANY — Here is a lesson learned from the conviction on Monday of Joseph L. Bruno, the former Senate majority leader, on two federal corruption charges.

New York State’s ethics laws do not do much to deter corruption. Rather, they often enable it and even help conceal it from the public.

Thus it was left to the federal government to use a controversial “theft of honest services” law that is facing a Supreme Court challenge to prosecute what was essentially a state corruption case.

December 7, 2009

Squadron Eyes City Takeover of Brooklyn Bridge Park, with Conditions

By Eliot Brown

For at least two years, the Bloomberg administration has been pushing--first privately, then publicly--to take over the governance of Brooklyn Bridge Park, offering to put more money into the new East River parkland in exchange for more control from the state.

Now, the move has earned the tentative support of the local state senator, Daniel Squadron, a former aide to Senator Chuck Schumer who rose to office in part by criticizing a plan that put residential and commercial development on the exterior of the new park, set below Brooklyn Heights.

December 7, 2009

Mayor Bloomberg intensifying bid to wrest control of Brooklyn Bridge Park from state

BY Mike Mclaughlin and and Erin Durkin

Mayor Bloomberg is ramping up his bid to wrest control of Brooklyn Bridge Park from the state with a plan to kick in $55 million - and delay controversial plans to build luxury housing.

The city would commit $55 million right away to finish building the troubled waterfront park, which faces a $120 million funding gap and an uncertain future.

City Hall would eventually come up with the rest of the cash to finish the park, sources said. The proposal is set to be unveiled at a community meeting tonight.

December 7, 2009

From the Floor and the Heart, Senators Make an Issue Personal

By Michael M. Grynbaum

ALBANY — Ruth Hassell-Thompson was a young girl decades ago when her older brother, a gay man, vanished from her deeply religious family, moving away to escape their disapproving father.

Ms. Hassell-Thompson, 67, searched for years, finally finding him in a village in the south of France. When she urged him to come home, he said that “my father doesn’t want to see me.”

December 4, 2009

F train meeting next week

By Gary Buis

Feature article in Courier Life

The F train will rumble onto center stage next week, when the often frustrating subway line will be the focus of a public meeting.

State Senator Daniel Squadron and Community Boards 2 and 6 will host the event, planned for Thursday, Dec. 10 at 6:30 p.m. inside Public School 58, 330 Smith Street.

In October, New York City Transit released the findings of a full line review it conducted at Squadron’s request.

December 2, 2009
December 1, 2009

Squadron Remains Hopeful For Ethics Reform

Feature article found in The Lo-Down

Jurors in Albany are beginning a third day of deliberations in the federal corruption trial of former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno. As The Daily News pointed out the other day, the case has "sparked a new round of talks on ethics reform."  Our own state senator, Daniel Squadron, is at the center of the fight for more transparency in New York's ethics law.

December 1, 2009

Politicians deliver: Post offices won’t be closed

By: Lincoln Anderson

Feature article found in the Downtown Express

A united front by local politicians and residents has stopped the U.S. Postal Service from making good on its threat to possibly shutter three Downtown post offices.

November 29, 2009

Joe Bruno corruption case sparks talks on ethics reform

By Kenneth Lovett

Feature article in The Daily News

ALBANY - The Joe Bruno federal corruption trial has sparked a new round of talks on ethics reform, the Daily News has learned.

Sens. Eric Schneiderman (D-Manhattan) and Daniel Squadron (D-Brooklyn) have quietly been circulating a bill to overhaul the state's porous ethics law.

"Out of crisis comes ... opportunity," Schneiderman said, also crediting The News' "State of Shame" series.

November 25, 2009

Plan to open Pier 6 area at Brooklyn Bridge Park put on ice until spring

By Mike Mclaughlin

Feature article in The Daily News

Wait till next year.

A large section of Brooklyn Bridge Park - with a playground, beach volleyball courts and a dog run - that was scheduled to open by the end of the year won't be ready until spring, the Daily News has learned.

November 23, 2009

Closing post office would push envelope for seniors

By Lincoln Anderson

Feature article in The Villager

Residents of Co-op Village, backed up by a strong show of support from local politicians, rallied outside the Pitt Station post office on Clinton St. Sunday afternoon, demanding the U.S. Postal Service keep the branch open.

The rally was organized by Assembly-member Sheldon Silver and Congressmember Carolyn Maloney. Also joining the call for saving the branch were state Senator Dan Squadron and Councilmember-elect Margaret Chin.

November 18, 2009
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